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Looking to hire a garden marquee for your outdoor party or event? Arabian Tent Company have been adorning the nation with quintessentially English garden parties for many a year. We have a collection of beautiful garden marquees to hire, along with a range of finishing touches and decorative options that you can choose from to create the perfect look for your garden party.

As the epitome of English heritage, honouring William Morris with your decor provides the perfect backdrop to your English garden party. Morris’ passion for natural beauty and his fascination with Medieval and Arabic art have been brought to life in the Arabian Tent Company’s William Morris Marquee. The garden marquee’s dedication to fine craftsmanship, its Eastern influences and the stunning crisp ivory and sage interior make the William Morris Marquee the perfect hire for the quintessence of English garden party charm. Take a look at this garden marquee here.

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Alternatively, for an English garden party fusion, entwining Eastern style with English practicality, why not choose the Oyster Pearl Tent. A crisp white canvas allows touches of elegance to be added, all while you remain safe in the knowledge that British engineered frames will shape the geometrical architecture that is synonymous of the Oyster Pearl. Take a look at this garden marquee here.

However, not all Royals are looking for pretty pastels and floral adornments! Our Purple Palace creates a sumptuous and truly decadent atmosphere for partygoers who often say they feel transported to another world when inside. The fun yet intimate atmosphere really sets the stage for a night to remember, and when paired with a magnificent Kadai fire bowl with surrounding seating, your guests will be truly impressed. Take a look at this garden marquee here.

With all that said, why not choose any of these beautiful and unique garden marquees to preside over your English Garden Party this summer and celebrate your big occasion in style this year?

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Hi Katherine, Just tried to call you to thank you and all the team for everything you put together for the party. The guests were absolutely amazed at the creation! and the stunning effect the tents and the lighting created. It all fitted so well into the garden. Thank you also for all your time and especially coming down on Friday to add the finishing touches, it really did help with the sides as though dry on Saturday night it was cooler. The crew were all were extremely polite and helpful – I always like it when staff arrive and want to shake hands with you and clearly state their names. It gives you confidence in them - not misplaced. All of the seemed to want to go the extra mile to make things look right. They also took care of the plants - no easy feat with what they had to achieve. What all the guests said was that it was such a unique experience coming into the tent - and it particular the way the tents flowed into the garden. Lighting was spectacular and just added to the ambiance. They were all completely bowled over by the whole experience! I hope we will catch up soon - but many, many thanks for absolutely everything. Best wishes David and Judy

David and Judy ★★★★★

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