Introducing Arabian Tents 

Arabian Tents… is an event styling and marquee company based in West Sussex. Our creative director and Founder, Katherine, is known for her unique and bespoke event designs and started […]

Arabian Tents...

is an event styling and marquee company based in West Sussex. Our creative director and Founder, Katherine, is known for her unique and bespoke event designs and started the company out of a passion for creating the best party experiences and understanding the growing desire for unique and extravagant tents. Over the years, we have designed and collected different types of marquees and linings from all over the world.  A very well stocked Aladdin’s Cave (AKA ‘stores’) is the base of our business and where the preparation of our magic, happens. There are no limits to our abilities, and we love a challenge! 

Over the last 15 years...

We have set up numerous festivals all over England, as well as bespoke birthdays on Islands, weddings abroad, and other special events for our private or corporate clients. Due to our focus on sustainability in 2022, we are now only providing our services to events that take place up to 100 miles from us which is East Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, wider London, Surrey and Kent. 

Marquees are a brilliant choice for events and many of our clients host their special occasions in the comfort of their own garden but in the environment of their dreams. While our marquees are always water and wind proof, they can also be sufficiently heated, floored and lit for all year around enjoyment. 

Our marquees range from frame tents to pole tents and come in various different sizes. Add some flooring, lighting and the interior linings of your choice and you’ve got a venue that can be erected pretty much anywhere! 

Arabian Tents are a brilliant choice for all types of events due to their versatile design. Our bold coloured linings can transform your event into a Moulin Rouge inspired extravaganza, while cream coloured linings with a William Morris print offer a sophisticated, but playful look. Often it’s deciding between them that’s the hard bit!

While most marquee companies simply offer a structure, we are only getting started when your tent is up. At Arabian Tents we often dedicate a whole day to just furnishing a marquee and have an extensive stock of lounge and dining furniture, dance floors, bars and more. Choose from our countless designs of cushion covers, throws, garlands and other props to really set the scene for a marvellous experience. 

Get in touch and start planning your event of a lifetime with us…. 

Photo by Sophie Harbinson

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Events Director and Founder

Katherine is the founder of Arabian Tents and her day is a whirlwind of meeting clients, writing emails (lots of them!), brainstorming décor ideas and snatching moments to feel very lucky she loves what she does.

When throwing a party it’s always colourful, inviting, warm and relaxing – she loves the Purple Palace interior as it apparently looks good against everyone and she makes sure there is always a ‘surprise’ for guests, whether it be a secret room to discover, an alternative performance or after-dinner liqueur treats. She believes that people parties are important and moments at them are remembered for the rest of people’s lives, so it’s important to break the ice as fast as possible and get on with having fun! The next project she’s working on is a new structure design that should be manufactured and ready to be unveiled to the world next year!

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