Top 7 Dos and Do Not’s of Party Planning

Top Tips for Party Planning

Katherine Hudson, party planner extraordinaire of The Arabian Tent Company, shares her secrets for her Top Seven Do’s and Do Not's of Party Planning to make sure 2017 is a great year for your event.

bombay boudoir party planning

The sumptuous Bombay Boudoir marquee is perfect for parties!

YEP, size is everything.

La Rouge linings party planning

La Rouge linings in a rustic barn - styled by our sister company The Complete Chillout Company

To create the perfect party atmosphere, go for a structure which is smaller rather than large – it works.

Smaller, more intimate spaces create atmosphere – a relaxed crowd is a fun crowd. It also makes it better when transforming the venue, as beautiful design and detail can be lost in what can sometimes be a hangar-like space.

Also, think about the entrance! People often, “follow their heart” – when you walk into a bar, foyer or shop, people mostly turn to the left, scan the space and then make their choice of direction.

DO create a space for non-dancers.

party planning chillout area

How about our white wrought iron beds as a chillout area?

Good party planning will look after all guests. It’s an odd thing, but there are some people out there who simply don’t want to dance. To be fair, some people can’t, for whatever reason, so provide areas for people to chill out, strike up conversations, shmooze… and all the rest.

For those ready to take off their dancing shoes, an area to explore will mean the non-dancees are not left discarded at the dinner table, away from the fun.

Parties aren’t just about jumping up and down on the dance floor, they’re about catching up with people you haven’t seen for a while (or met before), getting to know people, sharing – all experiences for you to remember! Take a look at our furniture page to create your own chillout area.

DON’T serve puddings to tables (unless it’s a foodie crowd).

Most people want to get up and socialise, swap seats, get on the dance floor, go to the bar after dinner. At parties, puddings are often left on tables only to be cleared away.

Much better to have a pudding table so people can help themselves to what they want, when they want – these can be intimate moments.

Invite your guests to bring a pudding. You’ll be surprised at how many guests like to contribute to your special occasion. It also gives guests a chance to offer something other than a bottle of wine!

DO have dynamic music.

party planning band

Viva La Music! Who can resist a live band in our Viva La Fiesta tent?

Carlos Santana once said, “Music can change your molecular structure”. The same undoubtedly can be said for your party.

As the guests arrive, the music will set the tone for the night, so getting the correct tempo, creating the right dynamism, is essential. Once people relax and conversation grows, you can then start raising the volume to get people going.

DO dance the night away by the bar.

party planning the arabian tent company dancefloor

Our marquee with black linings, twinkling LED trees and a sparkly dance floor.

The bar must be situated by the dance floor. There is a reason everyone understood the sentiment, “You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties”. People gravitate to comfort zones and the bar is the main one. If you have cocktail tables by the dance floor it means it is unlikely there are going to be accidents with guest’s glasses and the key is to encourage people out of clustering. Now that is forward thinking party planning!

Obvious stuff really, but you’d be surprised how simple rules are often forgotten.

DON’T hide the loo!

It’s reassuring to guests to know where the conveniences are and should not be overlooked in your party planning. They don’t have to be dull, simply practical toilets – why not make a feature of them by choosing these lovely fun-themed loos from The Arabian Tent Company?

DO be pleasantly surprised...

If you have to consider a rainy event then ensure there is enough space and interesting décor within the tent that you’re going to be partying in – you will be pleasantly surprised when you’re bathed in glorious sunshine on the day!

William Morris Tent

Sunshine on our William Morris tent. Credit: Krishanthi Photography

party planning oyster pearl tent

Our Oyster Pearl tent. Credit: Light Trick Photography

To see how our party marquees and expert decoration services can aid you with your party planning, please contact us!

Thank you to the following photographers for their contributions:

Light Trick Photography

Photography by Krisanthi 


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