Planning a winter marquee? How to winter proof your tent.

How to winter-proof your marquee the ATC way

It's hard to believe that summer's nearly over but even though we enjoy Indian Summers nowadays the fact remains we need to think about drops in temperature, inclement weather and the winter months ahead.

On a positive note, we here at The Arabian Tent Company can help you enjoy outdoor events all year round. Yes, you CAN have a winter party, you CAN have a marquee that is safe and cosy – here’s what we can help you with to winter-proof your event:

Wind is often the biggest issue with outside events and our marquees are rated to 55mph winds. The tents are built using metal poles with two-foot stakes into the ground, so no chance of them blowing away. They are also ratcheted on the front – so there is a higher breaking point than simply using ropes.

Wall bars set around the edge of the tents will keep the edges from flapping, making the structures more solid to adverse weather conditions. Also, the outside structure of the tents are coated in polyester, so are therefore waterproof.

We can also offer:

Solid doors – a solid door can be placed in the linings for the entrance allowing you to shut the door on the weather outside! And then there are walkways to tunnel your guests, a porch with cloakroom area and a hard floor that will make sure ground stops water from seeping.

Sumptuous interiors. The La Rouge and Purple Palace have velvet interiors – they look warm and bathe you with comfort. Carpets in an array of colours change the warmth and look of the tents and warm white lighting – fairy lights, twilight trees – complete the cosiness. We have a huge range of textiles that transform any space and the richness of colourwill instantly raise the temperature!

Heaters – our unique half price offer. We will offer the heater half price on any marquee that is ordered in the winter season (October 31st-March 31st). Heating is provided via a ducted vent that is piped under the walls of the marquee.

Aromas – Our team can scent your event with unique smells from cut grass, to scents of fig and cassis and Royal Oud for a sensual scent. There are hundreds of different scents that will reflect the tone and ambience of your event – so think pine, think cinnamon, think log fires!

Thank you to photographers Simon Callaghan Photography & Mihoci Studios.

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