Stretch Tents

The ultimate stylish, practical & flexible solution

Create stunning, contemporary marquees in freeform shapes using strong, stretchable fabric that can cover any space. Connect outdoor areas with an effortlessly flowing cover for private parties, corporate events, weddings, live music concerts and much more. Stretch tents are as unique as your event!

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Flex your outside space to the max – any size, any shape, any place

Stretch tents are the newest addition to our tent collection, and they truly are the most amazing structures. The marquees quite literally stretch over any space, creating unique party areas out of patios or gardens. The tents can also be attached to a building so your party can flow from house to garden effortlessly while your guests are kept warm and dry!

What is a stretch tent?

Stretch tents are made from a pioneering new stretchable, flowing fabric that can rise and fall in smooth undulations, with poles placed in many positions to suit. If you want to show off your garden or patio, features such as trees, bushes or statues can be housed inside the marquee and incorporated into your tented party.

The fabric’s tensile force is what creates structural strength, using numerous anchor points to produce unique shapes. Stretch tents are the perfect solution for locations where fixed shapes simply won’t fit.

How to dress your stretch tent

We can dress and drape our stretch tents in whatever style or colour you would like; draping really does totally transform these marquees and creates an even more welcoming party area. For added impact, poles can be dressed to add other colour.

We have recently been playing with lighting the tents and projecting patterns onto the ceilings. This works especially well as the ceilings are already so unusual due to the pattern the poles create, and these beautiful projections draw even more attention to this feature. Our Gobo projector can be hired with any pattern you desire. We can even hire custom made projections to include your name, wedding date or special message.

Which events are stretch tents perfect for?

Stretch tents are the ideal solution for all kind of events; they are the most versatile tent on the market and can be sculpted to fit your outdoor space perfectly. With different pole positions and lighting effects, the structure can emulate traditional, intimate closed tent structures, or open-sided, large capacity festival venues. Stretch tent installations can cover a huge variety of locations and events, including

- Corporate hospitality events
- Live music events, concerts, dance events and festivals
- Wedding ceremonies and receptions
- Private parties for all occasions and budgets
- Sporting events

Event management services

The Arabian Tent Company supplies a stylish selection of luxury tents and marquees for weddings, parties, festivals and corporate events across the South East. We boast the largest collection of themed marquees in the UK, all designed and made in-house.

Our enthusiastic, award winning, inter-disciplinary team is passionate about making every event a huge success. We work with many event and party organisers in the UK and can provide all-inclusive design and event management as a service.

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The sofas and cushions, lighting and drapes all create a very relaxed atmosphere and really set the tone for a great evening and the stretch tent allows for complete cover without the enclosed feel of a normal marquee. Your crew were lovely, hardworking and very friendly – 25 years younger and I would be applying for a job!

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  • what tent/ furniture/ service you are interested in,

  • the date of your event,

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From 2020 we have limited our delivery distance to within 100 miles within our West Sussex base, to help reduce carbon emissions.

Ask about our Eco tips for your next event. 

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What is the maximum capacity for the Stretch Tents tent?

Answer: people

Depending on how many guests you have, whether you are dining, and if you want a dance floor and other seating and chillout areas, will determine what size of tent you will require.

This table provides a good reference to work out what kind of space you will need. If you are having an even bigger party than our maximum capacity, we suggest putting more tents together!

Tent Sizes Standing Dining Mixed
3m x 3m 12 12 0
4.5m x 4.5m 20 16 0
4.5m x 9m 40 32 20
4.5m x 14m 50 45 30
6m x 6m 30 24 20
6m x 9m 60 60 30
6m x 12m 60 80 40
6m x 18m 120 120 60
9m x 9m 90 90 50
9m x 18m 180 180 90
9m x 27m 260 260 150

What spacing requirements should I consider?

Answer: The minimum space you will need is for the Stretch Tents

This area takes into account the tent itself as well as the guide ropes, which need 2 metres around every side to ensure it is set up safely. Use the chart above to work out exactly how much space you will need.

Being frame structures our tents can be erected on hard standings such as tennis courts, concrete car parks and gravel drives and this requires eye bolts to be drilled into the floor. Because of their construction, they require the area where they are being erected to be level. Scaffolding can be put in place to level areas that have too much of a slope to them. However, if the ground is slightly uneven then a hard-flooring upgrade can be used to level out the floor within the tent.

How long does it take to set up?

Answer: The Stretch Tents takes to set up

Our tents vary in size, some of our smaller tents can be set up in a few hours, whilst our largest tents can take several days. The build would ideally begin on Monday or Tuesday to ensure everything is ready for a Saturday event.

To give you an idea of the build and what to expect at your party, here's a time-lapse of one of previous events.

Are the tents waterproof?

Answer: Yes, they are waterproof

The exteriors are made from high quality cotton canvas which is regularly waterproofed throughout the season. It is important when positioned on windy sites to put in additional supporting poles inside the tent to support the pyramid ceiling, to ensure they can endure winds of up to 30 mph.

Will the tents be warm enough?

Answer: Yes, they are easily heated

Our tents can be easily heated on cool days as their vented elevated ceilings and canvas exteriors are geared towards providing shade on a hot day rather than warmth on a cool one.

When would you take them down?

Answer: The following day

We would come and take them down the following day (usually a Sunday).

Do you need a power supply?

Answer: Yes

We will always require power. Most lighting can run from a 13-amp domestic supply or a generator. Our cabling is weatherproof.

How much will it cost?

Answer: Varies (See examples)

Every single party and event is unique, however, we have given a few examples below to give you an idea of how much it might cost.

Ask if there is anything else you would like to know

If you have any other question, big or small, just ask away. We are happy to answer any queries you may have.

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