Marquee Hire

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Clearspan Marquees

Clearspan Marquees, although looking like a white corporate marquee, are versatile and useful for maximising tight spaces.

The interior creates a very light, open space with good height and they have the advantage of being able to be set up on almost any surface.

With a wide span of up to a 15m width to an almost infinite length, clearspan marquees are large and practical and our decor team can line, drape, decorate and furnish them to transform them from ordinary to extraordinary.

They are useful in winter as are weatherproof and can be erected beside a building...

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Glamourous camping is all keeping your friends around you after the party and making them feel at home.

It’s also all about enjoying the great outdoors and bedding down under some seriously luxurious canvas - without having to pack a thing or sacrifice your creature comforts.

Glamping is the perfect addition to a ‘festival style’ event or wedding in the countryside. We have a huge range of options from Bells to Boudoirs, all decked out with super-luxe interiors with fairytale lighting to guide your guests’ home.

The Arabian Tent Company are proud to have been among the glamping pioneers back in 2005 when the scene first flourished. Katherine Hudson - alongside Josie De Bank – designed a series of ‘Boudoir Interiors’ for Bestival’s then glamping zone. These luxe boutique structures boasted plush velvet and mirrored fabrics. Banquettes and sofas, beautifully lit and uber deluxe. They were fairy lit, cosy yet palatial and roomy enough to stand in. Of course, they proved to be the ultimate after-hours hangout - and thus the glamping explosion took off.

15 years on, we still leaders of the glamping pack.