Marquee Hire

Browse a selection of Pole Tents, Frame Tents, Stretch Tents and Pearl Tents, not to mention Glamping Tents, to find just the right tent for your occasion.

Frame Tent

Choose from ten beautiful decorated interiors from classically pretty tea-party style linings to bright and colorful event marquee palaces all featuring in the Arabian Collection.

Pole Tents

Pole Tents have a classic charm about them with traditional canvas exteriors, wooden poles and finial details. These structures have a Vintage feel and are suitable for erecting on grass.

Pearl Tents

The Pearl Tents are based on a Moghul design featuring a double roof section which makes them stand taller than other marquees.

Stretch Tents

These organic, free-form tents give a modern twist to events and with our beautiful draping and lighting options they can be transformed to cover occasions that no other tent can reach!

Clearspan Marquees

These practical clearspan marquees are often used when covering large numbers of people and are fitted with our linings, drapes and lighting to build immense event spaces.