Georgia & Micah

Furniture and Props

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We have a collection of unique marquee furniture and props that perfectly complements our tents and interiors to create environments that are cohesive and inspiring for your guests to enjoy.

Most of the items we have are one-offs - either made ourselves, or sourced from interesting places to ensure that your event has a feel of unique style rather than a 'manufactured' look that results when event companies source their furniture from the same place.

You'll notice that some items are obviously made to match with certain themes like the furniture packages that are made using the same fabric as the tent interior of their name, the William Morris deckchairs and chaise lounges which complement the William Morris interior and the velvet shamianas which match the 'La Rouge' and 'Purple Palace' interiors.

If you would like any advice on choosing the right amount of marquee furniture to fit with the theme and party you are planning, don't hesitate to Get in Touch.

And when considering your furniture delivery, we are proud to operate a carbon offset plan. This gives our clients the opportunity to offset the carbon cost of transporting furniture - and the wider impact of hosting an event. 

Events, by their very temporary and high impact nature, are an eco-challenge. The industry is a major culprit in unnecessary landfill and avoidable emissions. Currently there are no practical alternatives to using diesel-fuelled trucks and vans to deliver our equipment - thus we now offer an option to offset this unavoidable footprint.

We’ve introduced a voluntary carbon offset to all deliveries, and are able to calculate the wider impact of other elements of an event to enable our clients to be part of the solution.

Climate Change needs drastic action from everyone. We have made changes to minimise our impact and have recommendations you can adopt for your event. Please see our eco-tips to discover more.

We hope you will join us in our efforts.