50th Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate in style with our 50th Birthday Party ideas

Life longevity means enduring friendships, richer life experiences, and better resources to celebrate, so take a look at some of our 50th birthday party ideas.

How To Plan a 50th Birthday Party

The Bombay Boudoir is a birthday party favourite, with it's warm burnt orange and pink mirrored linings, and you can even incorporate the Bombay Boudoir into a Bollywood party theme, and hire a Bollywood or Bhangra dance troupe, or go the full measure and add fire performers into the mix!

And as music plays such an integral part to any celebration, why not hire a band or a live performer?

Wedding entertainment in tentIf it's a more refined affair you are looking for, we recommend our William Morris tent, so inspired by English textile designer, poet and novelist William Morris himself, with sage green and ivory linings, and is perfect to wine and dine with elegance and style.

Wedding breakfast

50th Birthday Party Tent

Our framed tents have a large selection of canvasses that can tailored and dressed to suit any style, theme, or venue size, meaning you can really design your 50th birthday party the way you want.

If you would like to find out how we can cater for your party, or just looking for some more ideas, please Get In Touch.

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It was AMAZING! You have the most fabulous staff who were a delight to work with in both setting up and bringing down the marquees. I will send photos when I have some. Please thank everybody for helping to make the event such a success. All the guests (and I mean everyone) thought the whole setting was stunning. We definitely achieved the ‘wow’ factor we were aiming for. Having been rather anxious at the beginning, I now want to do it all again… just a big thank you to the Arabian Tent Company. You have a wonderful business and may your success go from strength to strength. Warmest wishes, Cynthia.

Cynthia ★★★★★

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50th Birthday Party Ideas faqs

We heard on the grapevine that 50 is the new 30, and we couldn’t agree more! At 50 you’ve been through life’s ups and downs, you’ve enjoyed the highs with good friends, and have been supported through the lows by them too.  You’re out the other side, and now it’s time to celebrate – with style.  With a half a century of friends and family to invite, your 50th should be your biggest celebration yet.

Planning a big party is easy with Arabian Tents. Whether you want a sophisticated dinner party in a stunning white canvas tent, or a colourful tent to take you back to your youth, with finishing touches including outdoor furniture and lighting, bar options, lounge furniture and dance floor, take a look at some of our FAQs, and if you need further advice, simply talk to our experienced team.  We want your 50th birthday party to be everything you intended and more.

Where is an ideal place to throw a 50th birthday party?

Location is important when you are planning a party. You want your venue to be accessible for your long list of guests. Choosing a quirky venue somewhere off the beaten track may at first seem like a genius idea, but select a location and venue that’s not easy to reach, and you may end up with less of a guest swell than you intended.

Your friends will know your garden well so transforming it by turning it into a party-venue is one of the most quirky options and will mean that your nearest and dearest are likely to be there from the day before to help out with last minute arrangements, and be a real part of your special celebration.  Whether you opt for a marquee in your garden, find a nearby beauty spot, or a country hotel allowing marquees in their grounds, a marquee is the perfect backdrop for creating the party of a lifetime. Here are a couple of the most beautiful venues we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Coworth Park in Berkshire offers a luxurious country house hotel and magnificent parkland. It’s the perfect setting for one of our magnificent marquees. Only 45 minutes from London, it’s easily accessible for guests, and for those travelling from further afield, there’s the bonus of being able to book accommodation in the hotel. The hotel also has a spa, so you can stretch your celebrations into a few days retreat.

Farleigh House is set in the idyllic Hampshire countryside. Just an hour from London, your guests will feel like royalty when they arrive at this 4,000-acre estate down an ancient tree-lined avenue. Hosting your 50th birthday party in a marquee here in quintessentially English surroundings couldn’t be a more magnificent way to celebrate. There are also ten guest bedrooms in the house for your most treasured family and friends.

For more inspiration, take a look at our venues listing. Or if you have the space, a marquee in your garden at home is a perfect solution.

What are the most important considerations in planning a 50th?

YOU! Don’t compromise on anything. This is a party that you’ll want to remember. The most important thing is to plan a party you feel comfortable with and you know your guests will enjoy. It’s an occasion to relish where you’ve got to in life – to toast your friends and family for helping to get you there, and with all your favourite people in the room, eating your favourite food and drinking your favourite cocktails – we know you want everything to be perfect.

With the most interesting collection of unusual marquees and themed marquees available in the and you really can’t go wrong.

One of the most important consideration is ensuring everyone who should be there gets an invite. And be sure your venue or marquee is of appropriate size. The biggest mistake many people don’t know they’re making is to choose a venue that is too large. Trust us when we say intimate spaces make a great atmosphere. We have oodles of experience planning parties and we know exactly what works. Don’t forget to make a space for non-dancers. This is an all-inclusive event!

For assistance with calculating space, or advice on any other element, talk to our experienced team.

What is suitable décor for a 50th birthday party?

A 50th birthday party needs to appeal to perhaps 3 generations or more. Think about that when you are choosing a theme and decorations. For something classic and elegant with clean lines and a contemporary finish look at our Lulu Pearl, for something romantic and twinkley the Oyster Pearl creates a stunning back drop, for a fun and colourful option take a peek at our Bombay Boudoir, or Arabian Tent, and for something sultry and sumptuous the Purple Palace or La Rouge make for an excellent option. We think you will agree you can’t get more decadent than those!

If you like the idea of something more refined, our quintessentially English, William Morris marquee is perfect for a sophisticated summer garden party. If you already have a theme in mind, our framed tents are a blank canvas for you to decorate in any style.

Tips for giving a 50th birthday speech

Since you are gathering friends and family from near and far, you’ll be expected to give a speech at this auspicious occasion. Here are some tips so you don’t get tongue tied or lose your nerve.

  1. Write it all down. Don’t rely on memory. You never know if public speaking nerves will get the better of you, so it’s always a good idea to have your speech in writing for an easy prompt.
  2. Find a sample speech and adapt it with your own personal stories. Using a sample speech will help to give your speech a structure and flow.
  3. Add some humour. Engaging with your audience is key to a successful speech. Adding some funny memories will help get your audience on board. Don’t recount stories that are too risqué or embarrassing. Your aim is to focus on great qualities and milestone events to make a statement.
  4. Don’t forget to thank guests for coming, and importantly key people who helped to organise the event.
  5. Keep it short. No-one likes a speech that goes on and on. Aim for about 2-5 minutes maximum. Of course, everyone will want to raise a glass and toast the birthday boy or girl, but they’ll also want to get on with enjoying the party.

These are our favourite tents when having a 50th birthday party ideas

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