Hooray for Bollywood – Party inspiration for your Bollywood theme party

How to bring a touch of exotic eastern promise to your next Bollywood theme party.

With the right theme, you can turn any party into an extraordinary event that will be talked about long after it is over, however choosing the perfect theme can be a challenge. Fear not, at the House of Hudson we know a thing or two about parties! Let us whisk you away to exotic India as we share some practical ideas on how to throw a bacchanalian Bollywood theme party.


What is Bollywood?

While most people think of Bollywood as the generic term for all films made in India, it actually refers only to the Hindi language film industry around Mumbai. More formally referred to as Hindi cinema, Bollywood accounts for almost 50% of India’s cinematic output and is firmly rooted in Indian culture making it one of the oldest cinematic styles in the world.

The secret of Bollywood’s growing global popularity is the unique Indian cinema genre known as Masala. The name comes from the hindi culinery term for a blend of spices and means a unique mashup of diverse cinematic styles. Imagine a hollywood musical combined with a tale of unrequited love, intertwined with hilarious slapstick comedy, a melodramatic subplot, and a good old fashioned swashbuckling swordfight and you are half way there!

What makes Bollywood the perfect party theme?

The Bollywood genre has become immensely popular within the UK thanks to its exotic blend of dramatic stories, energetic dancing, entrancing music, vivid colours and gorgeous costumes. Even the Globe Theatre in London got in on the act with its recent Bollywood themed production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which sold out for every single performance. It is Bollywood’s anarchic blend of styles that make it the perfect party theme.

A true Bollywood party has to have that special wow factor that transports your guests to the exotic Indian subcontinent, and central to that is the venue and the décor. Everything has got to be big, bold and brash for your Bollywood theme party.



Colourful throws, silk Sarees, jharokas (ethnic wooden wall art frames), mirror drapes and multi-hued LED lights are a must if you want to add that Bollywood flamboyance to your party. The Raj tent, a navy and cream lining with ornate block printing, and was the first tent that was made and designed in Katherine's collection, is a perfect addition to any Bollywood themed party.

bollywood themed party

The Bombay Boudoir was designed the year Elizabeth Hurley married in India and Bollywood-mania took hold of the UK and is a fun, vibrant interior.

The Arabian is a predominantly red interior, bohemian patchworked adorned with glittering mirrors.

Bollywood Party Music

Dancing plays an important part in any Bollywood night party, so put some effort into finding the right style to match your theme. A quick search on the internet will uncover a bewildering array of Bollywood related music including current hits, remixes, and mashups.


Why don't you think outside the booth how about your very own rickshaw photo booth from MobileMoments:




A red carpet or purple carpet can add a touch of gorgeous glamour to any event, and this is especially true when it comes to a Bollywood party! If you do not have access to one, they can be hired.


What to drink at your Bollywood theme party

Don’t forget the drinks! For a truly memorable guest experience make sure that you carry the Bollywood theme through into your beverage options too.

Your guests are sure to love Lassi or Gulab Ka Sharbat – a heady mix of rose petals, cardamom powder, and lemons. Alternatively, if the temperatures are soaring, give them the option of Badam Milk.

If the winter nights are closing in and there’s a nip in the air, serve cups of Masala Chai or some Spiced Apple Cider!

Prefer something a little stronger? This recipe for Kahlua Cream Cocktail is one of our all-time favourite’s and is perfect for your Bollywood party:

1 – 1 ½ shots of coffee-flavoured liqueur, such as Kahlua
Add three tablespoons of half cream, half milk
Serve with or without ice

For drinks: There's heaps to pick from. Have Lassi, or Gulab Ka Sharbat – a mix of rose petals, cardamom powder and lemons - or Badam Milk if the temperatures are soaring.

If the winter nights are closing in, serve cups of Masala Chai or some Spiced Apple Cider for your Bollywood party!

Or even make your own cocktail, such as a Kahula and Cream. To make:

  1. Add 1 – 1 ½ shots of coffee-flavoured liquer, such as Kahlua,
  2. 3 table of half cream, half milk.
  3. Stir. Serve with our without ice.

So there you have it, everything you need to create the perfect Bollywood Party.

Bollywood theme party

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