Anniversary Party

Celebrate in style

Celebrating an anniversary is a milestone of a lifetime, and an opportunity to get friends and family to share in the celebration together.

Hosting a dinner to mark the occassion gives everyone the chance to enjoy each other's company and 'commune' together, and when followed by dancing it turns into quite the occassion.

Creating an environment that has a personality to reflects the unique nature of your anniverssary provides an instant ice-break for guests, and conveys the sense that they are partaking in something truly special.

When celebrating your ruby wedding anniversary, why not use the La Rouge marquee to match the theme?

The William Morris marquee could represent flowers for your 4th wedding anniversary, and the Cornish Cream interior looks beautiful with lace accents for a 13th wedding anniversary party.

Whatever anniverssary you are celebrating, we are happy to discuss your ideas and options with you so do Get In Touch. with your ideas. | 0800 881 5229

The relaxed, timeless environment of the tent was the perfect setting for our family luncheon. Everyone glowed with the gorgeousness of it - and even the teenagers thought it was fab, which was quite an achievement.

Ken ★★★★★

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