Introducing the new Saffron Tent

The new Saffron Tent

The Arabian Tent Company is thrilled to reveal it’s latest addition, The Saffron Tent. Our latest launch is a perfect choice for your wedding, a bohemian birthday, festivals, or the ultimate corporate party.

“It is so exciting to be able to offer clients the chance to have their own desert oasis!  And as the tenth framed tent to our collection, the Saffron makes you feel as if you are truly immersed in a desert" says Katherine Hudson, the founder and director of the Arabian Tent Company. "And with already a fair few bookings, I can predict it will be popular this season!”

With the stunning saffron yellow interior and intricate golden coloured linings, it is the perfect tribute to its foundation, the flower Crocus sativus (Saffron corcus), which lends its threads to become what we all know as the spice Saffron.

The new Saffron tent is perfect if you want to add some colour to your event or even if a change in atmosphere is desired. With the delicately printed dotted patterns surrounding you combined with the twinkling mirrors, it transforms the entire mood, creating a Bohemian feel to be captured in.

The Arabian Tent Company also offers clients the option of choosing some exquisitely designed furniture to add to their special occasions, making it even more memorable. The palm tree being the most popular choice of props, further adds to the Bedouin feel of the tent, as well as an array of glass Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan tea lights. Customers may also choose to add different colour schemes by selecting various colours of the scatter cushions provided.

The Saffron tent has been particularly popular for events such as the World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) festival. WOMAD is a festival created to incorporate all different types of inspiring and intriguing music, performance and dance under one banner. With such an active and high-energy environment, the Saffron tent was used to create a luxury spa for VIP partygoers. From water coolers and fans, to massage beds and aromatherapy sprays, the Saffron tent created the perfect relaxation getaway amidst the festival hype.

The WOMAD Spa was located in an ideal location for people to come and immerse themselves in the full experience.

The Saffron Tent allowed for WOMAD partygoers to indulge in a bit of relaxation by using their array of sprays.

The newest introduction allows for a bigger and better party (seating up to 260 people). Much like the other frame tents in our collection, the Saffron tent requires minimum 4.5m x 4.5m and can go as large as 9m x 27m (plus an extra 2m each side for the ropes!), depending on what requirements the customer has. It also needs to be pitched on grass rather than a hard surface.

Discover the new Saffron tent and more with our Frame Tent Collection.

New Saffron Tent

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