18th Birthday Party

How to plan your 18th Birthday Party Extravaganza

Your 18th birthday party should be a bringing together your nearest and dearest with laughter and celebration. After all, you only turn 18 once!

We often find clients build the theme around our party tents once they have set eyes on the one perfect for them.

The Bombay Boudoir and the Arabian tent creates a warm and cosy atmosphere with their mirrored linings in burnt orange and pink, and reddish tones.

The bold, Mexican inspired Viva La Fiesta tent, inspired by travels to South America and Frida Kahlo, keeps it fresh with bright coloured floral motifs on a white background, over grey patterned lace. This one is perfect for Spring and Summer parties. It also allows you to go a bit crazy with bright and bold accessories.

Or perhaps combine two styles with an infusion - a bold party tent to dance the night away, and a Cornish Cream or a William Morris to wine and dine in!

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The party was simply amazing. The tents wowed everyone and made the party feel so special and individual. ALL your staff were so polite and delightful and worked very hard in such heat.

Jane Clarke ★★★★★

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These are our favourite tents when having a 18th birthday party

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