Bollywood Theme Party

In the 1970s, India cinema overtook America as the world's largest film producer and the term 'Bollywood' was coined. As India's equivalent of Hollywood, Bollywood sets trends across the globe and its actors and actresses are greatly idolised and as a result of this the Bollywood Theme Party is an increasingly popular theme.

Recreating some iconic scenes is easier than ever with The Arabian Tent Company and after regular trips over to India to work on colourful tent designs, furniture and props, there are plenty of options when planning a Bollywood Theme Party.

Our beloved Bombay Boudoir interior was inspired by the hot pink and burnt orange colour combination associated with Bollywood - and is has become a firm favourite for Bollywood Themed Parties including summer parties, birthday parties and even weddings as it creates a sparkling environment and plenty of opportunities for Bombay sapphire cocktails, Indian street food, silk sahri dress code and with details such as a rickshaw photobooth.

Adorned with glittering patchwork mirrors and sumptuous embroidery details, there's an instant Bollywood themed environment as guests step into the Bombay Boudoir interior.

The Bollywood look is endlessly popular with celebrities, with Elizabeth Hurley putting it on the wedding theme map back in 2007 - pictured here in front of the Bombay Boudoir tent for an event for the Elephant Family.


And more recently Russell Brand chose an Indian theme for his wedding in 2017.

Baby Spice chose our Bombay Boudoir interior to celebrate her Bollywood themed 40th birthday party, and it was the preferred theme for the Chemical Brothers' summer party in 2017.

Furniture packages to match in with the Bollywood theme with outdoor furniture playing a big part in creating the atmosphere for a Bollywood Theme Party.

Complete your Bollywood-inspired party look with daybeds, outdoor furniture, bunting and more. Invite your guests to step into an enchanting Bollywood-themed world to dance the night away, Bombay style.

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