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As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once wrote: “It is impossible to step into the same river twice, for it can never be the same river and you can never be the same person.” Wise, reassuring and exciting words indeed for those of you just starting out on the planning stage of a Second Wedding!

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We are all unique, but no one is more unique than the partner you plan to marry. And the way in which we choose to celebrate tying the knot with our new life partner is perhaps the best opportunity there is for demonstrating to both family and friends just how special, and different, our new relationship actually is.

While many of us choose a ‘white wedding’ first time around, a second bite at the cherry is the perfect opportunity to explore less traditional or more exciting themes. Which is where The Arabian Tent Company comes in.


How are you feeling? What would you like? Much has happened over the last ten years in the world of event planning and we’re proud to be at the forefront of marquee transformations.

We’re not a tent hire company – we’re much more than that and we know that empathy and sensitivity to difficult situations are part and parcel of the planning of a second wedding celebration.

No other supplier of wedding marquees and tents in the UK has as wide a range of tented structures and themed interiors as us. Everything from the Indian and Arabic themes of our Bombay, Raj, Purple Palace and Arabian interiors to La Rouge, inspired by the famous French dance hall, and not forgetting the elegant calm of our English Heritage themes, William Morris, Cornish Cream and English Tea.


Then there is Saffron – with its stunning yellow interior – immerse yourself in its golden coloured linings and delicately printed dotted patterns adorning the ceiling and walls. This is ideal for a less formal affair where people can lounge and relax.


Over the last decade, The Arabian Tent Company has built an enviable reputation for having the creativity, expertise and, above all, the marquees and interiors themselves, to help our clients express their own individuality and sense of fun on their special day. This applies as much, if not more, to Second Weddings as it does to first.

That extra bit of life experience – on your side of the fence as well as ours - can often make decisions easier to make and pitfalls easier to avoid. So talk to us and let us help you plan a second wedding that will be as unique and different as the partner you plan to marry!

If you would like to find out how we can cater for your second wedding, or just looking for some more ideas, please Get In Touch. | 0800 881 5229

Your tents had the design, the style, the uniqueness, the wow factor. No other tent that I have ever seen brings the same quality feeling of being somewhere a million miles from where you are.

Jennifer ★★★★★

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