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Arabian Nights Party

This bold and exotic marquee interior evokes the warmth of the Arabian Desert, transporting guests within hundreds of miles in a matter of seconds.

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As the live-action Aladdin remake hits screen next year, transform your birthdays, weddings or any other special moments to celebrate in middle-eastern style with an Arabian Nights party! Our unique tents, props, accessories and furniture will delight your guests to no end.

Transport your guests to a far away land with our favourite themed interiors, including our beloved Arabian and Bombay Boudoir interiors to create an Aladdin's cave of treats and treasures.

Our Kobba lanterns are the perfect atmospheric accompaniment for a sparkling summer party. Agrabah awaits!

We have a collection of wonderful furniture, adorned and gilded in gold and sequins. Thrones that are fit for kings and queens, magic carpets, chests and trinkets, floor level lounge furniture and ottoman seating, indoor and outdoor daybeds and shamianas, below.

Let your imagination run wild with colourful and eye-catching picks, whether it's fuchsia pink, burnt orange or decadent reds - The Arabian Tent Company can help.

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Photographer: Jessica Milberg

The party was fabulous and I genuinely believe that is down to the atmosphere that Arabian Tents produced – they danced until 7 am! The guests have been raving ever since – comments like “the most amazing marquee we have ever seen”; “incredible attention to detail”; I genuinely felt I was somewhere in Arabia”.

Niall ★★★★★

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Arabian Nights Party Tents

These are our favourite tents when having a arabian nights party.

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