Valentines Tent

Valentine’s Day is the time for an intimate, romantic evening with the one person in the world who means most to you. The perfect setting depends on your tastes — a Caribbean cruise, a lodge high in the Alps, the heart of Paris. The important thing is that it’s romantic.

Or you could spend your intimate evening in a tent.

Not just any old tent, of course. Our exotic Arabian tents can hold hundreds, but they can also be surprisingly intimate for a dinner for two that neither of you will ever forget.

The perfect tent for your Valentine depends very much on your tastes, and any one of our tents could be exactly what you’re looking for. There are three, though, that we think would be perfect.

Cornish Cream, with its delicately block printed cream lining, will sweep you into a fairy tale where you’re Prince Charming and the Fairy Princess for the evening. It has a dreamy atmosphere at night, with the tiny mirrors sewn into the linings reflecting the lights all around the tent and making it sparkle.

If Cornish Cream is light and dreamy, La Rouge provides a warm, sensuous experience. Its sumptuous red velvet keeps the light soft and intense, transporting you back to all that was most romantic about fin de siècle Paris. Far from the world outside, La Rouge will wrap you up in rich, old-world luxury.

The Purple Palace (or “Bedouin Boudoir”, as Fearne Cotton once described it), combines all that’s most luxurious and decadent about Arabian and Regency styles, leading you into a rich, gorgeous bohemia. Its purple and gold will leave you unsure whether you feel more like decadent Romans or a pair of free spirits.

Whichever you choose, we can supply luxurious dining furniture as you enjoy your romantic meal together, to the soft sounds of your favourite music, and sumptuous sofas and cushions to relax together afterwards, sipping your wine and gazing into each other’s eyes, in a world of your own for the evening.

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