James Bond Theme Party

James Bond- Shaken Not Stirred

Let’s face it the very thought of a James Bond-themed party has it all. From the initial impact of the classic bewitching Bond silhouette and flickering flame lights on entering, one sees that the theme grows as you move around the space – the carpet with logo, the sophisticated layout of the bar (with, of course, the vodka martinis) and the chic finishing touches on the tables. It reeks of upmarket sexiness – champagne, cocktails (with the appropriate Bond-themed names) caviar, gambling, smartly dressed men, gadgets, gold ingots and glamorous girls – it’s inevitable that you’ll have fun with those place settings!

Grand Entrance

Having a grand entrance is a true must for your event. Brand the look of the event with ‘007 Bond’ balloons or you could have a VIP Entrance sign which is very well-known when it comes to a James Bond-themed party… sure to catch everyone’s eyes!

What about ‘Bond Girls’, ‘Ace of Clubs’ or ‘Ace of Spades’ life-size standee or even a 007 standee?


Of course, for the real Casino Royale experience, you’ll need the Roulette and Black Jack tables and fun extras like our photo booth. All the while being served by sleek waiting staff – this theme is suitable for small 007 intimate get-togethers to any size corporate event.

Bar and Drinks

But of course, no James Bond themed night is complete without a bar in sight! It is vital that you’ve got a genius on sight to make an extravagant Martini! Beverages like champagne and wine also go hand in hand with a James Bond theme.

Having a choice of drinks is one thing, ofc Martini’s but have you considered how the actual bar itself will look like? The bar would need to be something that James Bond would wander up to and enjoy his favorite Martini drink.

Classic Scenes

You want to make your guests feel like they are in a James Bond film. To make sure this happens, having to create these blockbuster moments you need the correct props! The black carpet with the famous numbers will catch everyone’s eyes, bond to make them feel they’re in a movie..

Remember the poker scene from Casino Royale? The scene which was full of suspense because of how much was at stake during the game of Texas poker if Bond had lost.. having a casino table or even a casino table cover will relive the moment!

It’s not all about the secret agent 007 himself, let us not forget the extensive rogue’s gallery of villains – who doesn’t want to speak the immortal lines, “Ah, Mr Bond. I’ve been expecting you” or “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.”


Then there's the incredible soundtracks – music is vital at any party whatever the theme and there are of course the classics like Live and Let Die, Goldfinger or You Only Live Twice, – but there are many more, just as there are many exotic examples of background music.

Apart from the usual, why not try something different? Why not consider hiring a professional violinist or guitarist to play the theme tune of Bond music? Having live music during your event is very sophisticated special touch that will create a completely different aura of Bond that everyone will love.. on the other hand, if you are on a tight budget then you can make a video playlist of Bond music from different artists, play this video on a big screen of some sort with surround sound for full effect!

You can't forget the ultimate classic scene which obviously made the whole Bond film series... In the first 007 which starred Sean Connery, he sat down at the casino table and utters to everyone around the table, ‘My name is Bond – James Bond’. Till this day it is one of the most famous one-liners in film history!


Casino games are a must for an event like this! But what games? We know that Baccarat and Craps are Bond’s favourite games in Casino Royale. But James had played high-stakes Texas Hold’em poker so it’s clear that these were his game of choice, always keeping everyone on the edge of your seat…


You have to consider what different types of decorations will go well with your James Bond night, luckily there are many options for this! One of the options is to have a red or black carpet entrance. Alongside side this, flame lights or even better, the 007 stand.

Other props such as an illuminated Bond Girl or a James Bond silhouette with ice buckets which light up and change colours... the art is focusing on class and not overly using props and effects.


Getting the lighting for a James Bond-themed party is certainly tricky. We’ve got to focus on how the movies are full of suspense, actions and twists and turns... Having dimmed gold lights in each corner of your event can make it that little bit mysterious... what about lights on the red carpet? Or lights on your table centrepieces, cocktails full of diamonds!


What kind of table do you think James Bond would have? Of course something sophisticated and classy… white tablecloths and martini glasses on the table followed by cultivated cutlery and crockery, we can't forget bow tie napkins and champagne glasses!


Naturally, a fleet of shiny Aston Martins and other classic cars outside will help drive home the exclusive nature of such an event but with marquees such as the Arabian, Bombay Boudoir or La Rouge, the Arabian Tent Company will transport you to Monte Carlo in no time.

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