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Great Gatsby Themed Party

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Great Gatsby Themed Party

The Jazz Age is a natural theme for a party, recreating Jay Gatsby’s extravagant parties for the Bright Young Things of Long Island in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. Guests in Twenties clothes, listening to Twenties jazz and trying to get their feet around the Charleston — you can share in the decadent glamour without the actual decadence that Fitzgerald chronicled.

The perfect setting for a Gatsby party is a marquee in the garden, and ideally either our Oyster Pearl or Lulu Pearl. The Oyster Pearl’s flat white linings offer a perfect blank canvas to be dressed according to your theme. For the Jazz Age, a mirrored bar would catch the spirit perfectly, along with draping and fairy lights hidden in the ceiling.

The Lulu Pearl, on the other hand, comes with the option of an Art Deco ceiling, immediately evoking the look of the Twenties. Besides period-appropriate furniture, either tent can be adapted to allow for both the bar and the buffet that would be found at one of Gatsby’s parties, with plenty of space for doing the Charleston or standing with your drinks chatting wittily. You’ll certainly need music, and preferably a live band playing just as it would have been on Long Island in 1922.

Elements from The Great Gatsby don’t need to be confined within the tent. Why not hire a vintage car to stand outside, putting your guests in the spirit before they even enter the tent? Or perhaps atmospheric lighting outside, such as our Night Garden, for when it gets dark.

If you’re planning a Great Gatsby themed party, get in touch to see how our tents can help you evoke the Jazz Age. | 0800 881 5229

The party was absolutely fantastic and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that attended. Guests felt really relaxed in the Bombay Boudoir interior and commented all night – I especially loved the ceiling lamps!

Bryony Worthy ★★★★★

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