Eco-Friendly Weddings

There are an estimated 2.5 million weddings a year, with the average wedding producing nearly 200kgs of rubbish and 63 tons of CO2.

We are passionate about our future and strive to be concious about the impact we have on the environment.

There are numerous ways to reduce your environmental impact without impacting the jaw-dropping effect you want to create. Eco friendly does not mean low key. Designing your day to be sustainable is important in this age of uncertainly and climate chaos.

Lead by example and go green. Here are some of our top tips to help you do it....

The Dress

Fashion is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. Knowing this, surely buying an expensive, brand-new dress to wear for one day now seems unnecessary? The options for sourcing pre-loved dresses are better than ever before. Sustainable dresses specialising in ethical, natural and organic fibres are plentiful if you want to buy something new and of course the range of chic vintage dresses available is virtually endless. A local designer can upgrade it for you. Don’t trash your dress – sell or donate it for someone else to enjoy. And allow your team of bridesmaids to pick their own or wear something they already own.

Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses

The Flowers

A central part of your wedding and unfortunately another big polluter. Chemical pollution from the agro-chemicals used in short-cycle production affect the soil, air and water-supply. The carbon footprint to import cut flowers is substantial.

Our Solution:

Use flowers that can be planted out afterwards in your own garden or gift them to your team. Forage for local greenery around your wedding venue – a good team bonding exercise we feel. Ivy and willow are both perfect for decorating your marquee. Use fake flowers. The plastic blooms of old have been upgraded to stunning silks and delicate materials that even feel like petals. They last forever and will look amazing in your home. Ask your florist to avoid using Oasis – the flower foam made form chemicals and definitely not biodegradable. Asking your family to collect jars for foliage beforehand means you’ll have a gorgeous DIY boho vibe and be ticking the recycling box.

Greenery Themed Décor
Greenery Themed Décor
Greenery Themed Décor

The Food

Use a local caterer or supplier who works with seasonal produce which grows locally to reduce the carbon footprint.  Or better still, go with one that provides only vegetarian or vegan food.  We have clients that surruptitiously feed their guests a vegan-wedding-breakfast without them even realising!

You can beautifully echo the seasonal in your food and décor. Going meat free is a huge contribution to reducing the impact. As we know meat is one of the biggest culprits of CO2 output. Make the late-night snack something which will be eaten the next day - or invest in a cook-to-order food trader. A pile of soggy burgers won’t be appetising with a hangover the next day. If you must use disposable dinnerware, please make sure it’s biodegradable. Find a local organic bakery for the cake and keep your business local.

Light Trick Photography

The Wine

The wine industry is plagued by dodgy environmental elements. Pesticides, air miles, lack of rights for workers. There are ways to combat the problems within the industry: shift your consumption to organic and Fairtrade brands.

Organic vineyards support biodiversity and enhance soil health and we can recommend an excellent one in Langdoc to assist with bulk-buying. Fairtrade brands protect workers rights. You can also use English wine which hugely reduces the carbon footprint. Awards aplenty in the British wine industry so keep it local.

Vegan WineVegan Wine

Other Ideas:

Reduce waste by making your own wedding favours. An edible gift leaves no waste. You could buy lLove Specs for your guests; they’re cardboard and profits go to a charity in Malawi. Use E-invites rather than physical cards – or use recycled paper. Avoid plastic glasses at all costs. Entrust your guests with sturdy tumblers – far classier than plastic flutes – or go biodegradable. Use a solar powered or bio-fuel generator. The gift.  Ask your guests to donate to a charity or plant a tree instead of buying you yet more stuff to crowd your home. And finally, controversially, you could consider reducing the guest list…

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