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Our pale tent options are perfect for Christening parties, they create a subtle, fairy-tale ambience as the breeze ripples the dreamy tent walls,

The Cornish Cream is a great choice, the tiny mirrors sewn into the linings making the whole tent glitter when the sun hits them.

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If you’re christening your child (or whatever ceremony you mark), you don’t just want to go home and have a cup of tea afterwards. Why not celebrate your child’s welcome to the world with a party in an Arabian tent?

For an appropriate fairy-tale atmosphere, the Cornish Cream tent provides an ideal ambience with its cream lining and delicate block printing. Its blend of Eastern and Western provides the light airiness ideal for an afternoon celebrating a christening. Whether you want a formal meal or a more casual get-together with ambient music, a christening party in the Cornish Cream will make you misty-eyed when you revisit the photos in thirty years’ time.

On the other hand, rather than a fairy tale you might prefer to feel you’re in a traditional English garden, and nothing expresses that like William Morris’s designs. Our William Morris tent uses ivory and sage green screen printing based on Morris’s floral designs. Combining Islamic floral designs with the English Country Garden look, this peaceful setting will convince you a blackbird’s singing from the linings.

Then again, a christening party is all about a child, and it’s a time for the children of your relatives and friends to enjoy themselves, too. For a child-friendly party that adults will enjoy too, our English Tea tent will transport you into Wonderland. Illustrated with scenes based on Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice books, the English Tea provides a setting that’s fun for children and adults alike.

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Christening Tents

These are our favourite tents when having a christening.

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