How old is too old? Is 60 really becoming the new middle-aged?

Approaching your forties or fifties with trepidation? Fear not! A recent scientific study by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria has re-categorised ‘middle-age’. We’re living longer, healthier lives. Life expectancy is soaring and we’re having much more fun until a lot later. The ‘elderly’ of the past have been re-defined as middle-aged. That must mean that the rest of us are in our prime?


Our milestones are there to be celebrated, even more so as the years progress and you really master the art of hosting an event. Life longevity means enduring friendships, richer life experience and better resources to ensure you really throw the party of the (your) decade. Make it illustrious, make it lavish. Why leave it to the 18s and 21s?

Whether you are turning forty, fifty or sixty; we at House of Hud can provide beautiful tents, furniture and accessories to make your celebration awe-inspiringly memorable.

Our tip? Festival-style fiftieth birthday parties are right on trend (and we know a thing or two about how to plan them). Festival-themed gatherings will excite guests of all ages and are the perfect way to bring loved ones together within a playful, vibrant and yet laid-back playground.


It needn’t cost the earth to create an event from another world - hiring a structure for festivities may cut out expensive venue hire. The Arabian Tent Company have a stunning selection of canvasses that can be tailored, dressed and decorated to suit any style, theme, event or venue size; and we work with our clients to combine inspiration and imagination to really up the ante, each and very time.

Our Stretch Tents are an ideal solution for garden parties and can quite literally stretch over any chosen area. Whether you are accommodating intricate landscaping, garden patio, multiple levels or uneven surfaces; they are our most adaptable option for any event and make a huge impact when adorned with fairy lights and surrounded by fire bowls.


Our Bombay Boudoir is also a birthday party favourite; creating a fun, yet intimately warm atmosphere that really sets the stage for a night to remember.


Turning sixty and searching for a refined and sophisticated venue? Our luxurious Frame Tent collection is perfect for emulating specific themes to cater to your discerning taste and lifestyle and will add a touch of elegance to any event. Looking for something unique and yet classic? Our vintage-style William Morris tent is the perfect setting to celebrate an occasion with elegance and character.


Your big something-0 is a fantastic excuse to be creative; follow your fantasy, leave a lasting impression and stage something with style. Remember; if scientists (and us) are to be believed, sixty is the new forty.

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