The best corporate event themes of 2016


Whether you’re planning a gala or a gathering, these party themes will ensure your corporate event is a success.

Why the Summer Corporate Party is a Must


The corporate party. We’ve attended some that were elegant and exceptional and we’ve escaped a few that were shocking. The worst it can get? Small-talk next to a drying buffet and company-wide dance-floor avoidance, rescued only by mass evacuation to the local boozer. Lacklustre corporate parties can leave staff feeling bored and under-valued, however, company events are great way to boost employee morale and encourage team building. They are your best opportunity, outside the office, to praise hardworking employees and recognise company achievements. A fun event can help generate positive competitiveness amongst departments; bonding teams together in a way that simply isn’t possible in a cold, stark board room. Why skip the opportunity to maximise the impact?

Christmas comes but once a year, but summer parties are on the rise. Get creative with your party budget, take advantage of longer hours in the sun and take it outside. The aim is to ensure even the least social team members get involved, loosen up and leave inspired. The key? Dress the venue to impress and think outside the corporate box. Need a little inspiration? Fear not! we’ve compiled our top 5 corporate party themes for 2016. Whether you’re planning an awards ceremony, product launch or just an annual get-together; these themes are perfect for any workplace, venue… or one of our stunning marquees.


While we’re all overly familiar with the office Christmas party, Christmas aesthetic and culinary traditions can make creativity in corporate event planning a hard thing to achieve. That’s why summer corporate parties are becoming increasingly popular; being able to host outdoors with complete stylistic freedom leaves a lot more room for playfulness.


While summer may present you with a blank party-planning canvas, corporate event themes come in and out of fashion like every other aesthetic genre. So while we implore you to harness your creativity and explore the unexpected, play within the palette of these five trending corporate event themes. Choosing one of these five party themes is a sure-fire way to throw unforgettable corporate event in 2016, and with good reason. These five party themes are universal, exciting and most importantly, current.

Casino Themed Party in the La Rouge Marquee


Our La Rouge Marquee is a plush and glamorous Casino-style festival tent perfect for any high-stakes night.


It’s hard to match the excitement of a night at the tables, which is why the casino corporate event theme is one of our favourites. Celebrate healthy competition and make everyone feel like a winner with an evening of Blackjack, Poker and Roulette. Opt for a black-tie dress code, greet guests with dry martinis, and your corporate party will be on to a winning streak.

Tropical Beach Themed Party


Let’s face it; we could all use a little more Piña Colada in our lives.

While a trip to Bognor Regis might be well meaning, a tropical beach themed party will ensure that your corporate event is genuinely well received. Help staff and clients relax and mingle by swapping formal attire for Bermuda shorts and flip-flops. And if your corporate party is missing a beach or a pool, you can create a tropical vibe with our Tikki Hut Tent, kitsch inflatables and a colourful cocktail selection.

Rio Olympics Themed Party

Viva La Fiesta Arabian Tent Company-6

The 2016 Rio Olympics is one serious reason for a fiesta!

This is a winning party theme that will spark a sense of pride, sporting competitiveness and 2012 nostalgia. Everyone gets excited about the Olympics! Opt for bright colours, spicy foods and an endless supply of Caipirinhas at your Rio Olympics themed corporate event. Our Viva La Fiesta tent will bring some Brazilian flow to your corporate party.

English Garden Tea Party


The Queen’s 90th birthday makes 2016 the year of the English garden tea party.

For a sophisticated corporate event, throw an English garden tea party in our William Morris tent. Fall back on faultless English charm with classic décor - bunting, fresh flowers and vintage china. Watch on as your corporate event theme fosters impeccable behaviour, as employees nibble on delicate scones and sip their elderflower champagne to the sound of a string quartet.

Check out our guide on ‘How to Throw and English Garden Party Like the Queen’ to learn more.

Great Gatsby Themed Cocktail Party


In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Viva La Fiesta Arabian Tent Company-14

The 1920s were an exhilarating time to be alive. Jay Gatsby’s style of opulent hosting met with that era’s aesthetic elegance makes the Great Gatsby a dazzling corporate event theme. Celebrate romanticism at your corporate party with a Gatsby dress code - flapper dresses and feather bowers for the ladies, and smoking jackets and spats for the gents. Add champagne towers and live jazz to the mix and your corporate event will go down in history. See more in our 1920s themed party in our ideas gallery.

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