Shades of Grey

Grey Is Back

Well, let’s be honest, we have an idea of what kinds of images and thoughts pop into some people’s heads when the term Shades of Grey are/is mentioned, but here at the Arabian Tent Company the term is more about providing a cool, elegant, modern, sophisticated environments where the warm creams of candle and fairy light literally shine out!

Grey oozes sophistication and modernity but also allows colour to announce itself and be showcased. Just see how a bouquet of bright flowers or a stunning vase stands out.

Then there are the textures – we have silky, velvety grey stools to perch on and elephant grey sofas to sink into – place a bright orange light next to this luxury furniture and you have the “Wow!” factor. Drape the walls with cream silk or organza and you have made for a truly sensual experience. The colour of champagne and blush wines look fantastic against grey too.
Over the years, we have accumulated a wide range of props and accessories and we include a fair number of silver or metallic items that sit well with the greys, as do some of our black ornamentation.

Of course, in addition to this, there’s the guests’ garments – formal wear like dinner jackets and beautiful cocktail dresses look great against a neutral background, making them the star of the show. Casual wear is equally at home with grey as it can give a homely, comfortable feel to informal or corporate events.

So, whisk off that blindfold and embrace the grey – you’ll be surprisingly satisfied!

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