Mughal Wedding

Mughal Wedding

In the 16th Century, as the Mughal Empire expanded across northern India and Rajasthan, huge nomadic tent cities of thousands of marquees and ‘tent palaces’ were erected for the travelling elite. Showmanship and luxury were key.

As Mughal fashions consisted of primarily a unique mix of rich textiles and delicate emboidery, these textiles became wildly popular when they hit the fashion scenes across Europe, and no more so than today.

All our Indian marquees for hire celebrate the rich spectacle of the Maharajas and create a truly romantic ambience for your ceremony. Our majestic Mughal wedding tent seats up to 130 guests, with a central pyramid section offering more space and style than a standard marquee.

A truly royal occasion, a Mughal Wedding is steeped in history, and much of their presence remains today - from the Taj Mahal to the red fort, and of course our own Dana and Oyster Pearl tents!

Mughal gardens are also know for their exquisite tents, and is the perfect backdrop with beautiful flora and designed gardens. We recommend either a Dana Pearl, or an Oyster Pearl for it's architectural brilliance, and is self confessed inspired by the Mughal Dynasty. The Oyster Pearl tent, home to the Pearl Tent family, are the only Mughal tents available to hire in the Uk!

If you are so having a Mehendi, we recommend one of our fabulous framed Arabian Tents - how about the Arabian tent, or the Bombay Boudoir tent.

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Okay so we have nothing but absolute praise for your entire team.... From when I first saw what you had to offer on your website, to coming to meet you in person and then finally seeing it all for real... You did not fail to deliver in any way, shape or form. It was completely magical, a movie set some said, others like walking into Rajasthan....

Kalyan ★★★★★

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