Kids Party Tent

There’s nothing like a spectacular party when you’re a child. It can be something you remember all your life — so, if you’re treating your kids to a very special party, make sure they remember it for the right reasons.

A tent makes perfect sense for a kids’ party. Soft surfaces everywhere mean they can have all the fun they like and won’t risk hurting themselves. And how much better if they enter Wonderland when they come inside the tent?

Our English Tea Tent is versatile and perfect for all kinds of events, but there’s something very magically childlike about its interior. Based on Alice in Wonderland, the tent features six panels illustrating scenes from the book, ranging from a lobster with a bow in his tail to a rabbit in a keyhole — late for an appointment, no doubt.

It’s a magic place for children to have fun, with its beautiful bunting and biscuit-style cushions that look good enough to eat. We can supply furniture for that very special birthday feast where your children and their guests can overeat to their heart’s content. Our low-level dining set would be perfect for a children’s party.

Then the furniture can be cleared away, leaving a magic kingdom where the kids can play until they drop from exhaustion — or until you do, whichever comes first.

Every child who attends will want a memento of the occasion, so an ideal extra would be our Photobooth, allowing the children to pose in their party best or in goofy masks and costumes.

If you want your children to have a party they’ll never forget in Wonderland, without even having to fall down a rabbit hole to get there, please Get in Touch. | 0800 881 5229

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