How To Throw an Alice in Wonderland Themed Party

Off with their heads! A party set in Wonderland is the perfect spring-summer theme. Create a mad-hatters tea party, a dreamlike scene where nothing is as it seems.

How To Throw an Alice in Wonderland Themed Party faqs


The wilder the better for this Mad-Hatters Tea Party. Think mismatched tea sets, streamers and ribbons, plenty of colourful tablecloths, cake stands, paper lanterns and twinkling lights. Stacks of old books on the tables. You can adorn the trees with signs everywhere misdirecting people. “You must be mad, otherwise you wouldn’t have come here.” Cheshire Cat. “The hurrier I go the behinder I get.” – White Rabbit. “Right way”, “Wrong way”, “Turnaround” and so on. A set of live, jumbo playing cards would be quite something. And if you can get your hands on any flamingos, they make the most perfect croquet mallets.



This is a proper tea party with fanciful fairy cakes and dainty sandwiches. Bring plenty of crazy colourful teapots and cups and saucers. The more the merrier. You can always replace tea with gin. ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ signs on the tables are of course a necessity.


Go Down The Rabbit Hole:

The Arabian Tent Company was instrumental in the creation of the infamous Rabbit Hole – a late-night festival staple where anything can happen and does. You can create your own Rabbit Hole for when it gets dark. Follow the white rabbit, the freaks come out, the music starts to play… Create a secret door or space which you only open up once the sun has set. The Mad Hatter can misdirect people to his heart’s content.

Characters and Games:

The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts. Alice herself. The Mad Hatter. The characters roaming this party are endless. Do recruit people to dress and play a role – it will make it so much more fun for everyone.

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The ideal venue or structure for this afternoon to evening soiree is of course the Arabian Tent Company’s English Tea Tent: a whimsical wonderland of child-like delights, inspired by a penchant for taking high tea and a childhood spent reading Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland-themed appliqued wall patterns and doilies in the ceiling make this the perfect marquee for a quirky vintage garden party, unique festival wedding or a lucky child’s birthday party.

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