Gay Wedding

You want your wedding to be as unique as you are? To reflect you both perfectly in all your unconventional glory?

Whether your shared vision of your day is huge and extravagant, or Covid compliant stylish and compact or, our dedicated team will inform and deliver every detail of your dream wedding.

Make it Your Wedding

Are you looking for a something a little different to ‘the norm’? Do you have a desire to deviate from the formulaic white wedding? You no doubt want an environment that reflects your personality as you announce your union to the world?

The Arabian Tent Company have ten flamboyant themed interiors to choose from – for small weddings for the new socially distanced world, or up to huge, bejewelled party palaces along with a huge collection of beautiful voile, hessian and foliage installations to further transform a tent interior, plus our enormous range of distinctive props and furniture to include in the decor are especially individual as this couple testify...

Our experienced team can help you to design and create an event that truly reflects you as a couple. Our marquees range from the palatial and statuesque Pearl collection, with their luxurious vaulted ceilings and graceful verandas. They evoke an air of elegance and romanticism. The Pearl marquees are the largest structures and can accommodate 250 guests for a seated wedding reception with a dancefloor. Frame Tents will provide a versatile structure on which to base your design – be it classical garden party or flamboyant party palace. Our Stretch Tents create a completely unique freeform party area perfect for undulating ground and unusual spaces – or as an additional area to your main marquee. And finally, Clearspan Marquees provide a very large and economical space which can be dressed and furnished to transform them from ordinary to extraordinary.

Some clients go for a combination of a few of the above tents - to accommodate one style for the dining area, one for the dance area and one for a bar and lounge.

The ten bespoke Frame Tent interiors create whatever look you desire for your day. Ranging from the traditional Cornish Cream, the arty and floral William Morris, the warm and decadent Saffron interior, the bold and colourful Mexican-inspired Viva La Fiesta to the range of colourful ethnic interiors such as Bombay Boudoir, Arabian and the Raj. Go full colour with plush velvet and mirrored swathed walls or paired back, light and tasteful.

In 2020 we're encouraging all our clients to think carefully about the environmental impact of their event - especially weddings.  We've got a list of tips you can download to help you with the decision-making process, and give you some top tips on how to eco your wedding and ensure that the whole experience leaves the planet feeling as good as you do at the end of it.  Get in touch with us for our practical tips on how to think carefully about the impact you'll leave behind before booking what you need for your special day.

Furniture to complete the look…

The extra details are what will elevate your wedding to utterly magical. Our collection of furniture – indoor and outdoor is vast. We can create cosy party spaces, replete with gothic bars, four poster day beds, sofas, chaise long, rustic scatter cushions, thrones, chandeliers, ornate tables, lanterns… The options are limitless. Our collection is comprised of one-offs – either made ourselves or sourced on our travels to the far-flung exotic locations which inspire us.

Lighting is crucial to your event – creating atmosphere and magic. Our range of illuminations will change a space from daytime vibes to late night dancefloor without the need for any additional décor. Peruse our tasteful illuminations; from projectors and LED par cans to tree floodlights, fairy lights and festoon.

We'd love to hear what you're planning so please...Get In Touch with;

  • your predicted guest numbers
  • any preference in our tent structures or style (inspiration images are always helpful!)
  • the location (ideally postcode) you would need it delivered to
  • the format of the day (for example, 100 guests for a wedding breakfast, followed by 30 more for the evening reception, with a dance floor, bar area, lounge seating and outdoor furniture)