Viva La Fiesta!

Fiesta. The very word shouts fun, cacophony and cocktails! Naturally a fiesta can take the form of any kind of celebration or feast but when one thinks of the Spanish original, we cannot help but enjoy thoughts of sun, sangria and colour, colour, and a bit more colour!

In a sense, the most famous fiesta is the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) or All Souls Day where we honour our loved ones who have passed away. This is not at all morbid and actually makes the use of skull motifs a thing of fun celebrated in sugar and sombrero’d skeletons.

Our Viva La Fiesta tent perfectly reflects this. Inspired by travels in Mexico and South America with touches of the artist Frida Kahlo and her naïve folk art style. There are hearts, hummingbirds and roses, and we offer a wide range of cushions, lights, fabrics and furniture that employ flora and fauna cut out and printed as bold graphic emblems that celebrate life itself with the overall effect being one of light, airy and hot summers. Just imagine how fabulous large spreads of delicious delicacies will work with such an inspiring upbeat joy to the eyes. Simply irresistible.

This is the most recent addition to our extensive collection of tents and marquees and is the result of a collaboration between Katherine Hudson and the jewellery designer Rosita Bonita ( who trained at St Martins College of Art and whose signature style is drawn from the bold colours, distinctive motifs and themes of Mexico.

The brightly coloured floral design for the ceiling swags and wall drapes, with grey lace-effect backgrounds on white cotton creates a fresh, funky look and with it’s open sides is an amazing choice for wedding festivals, garden parties, pool parties and summer weddings, ensuring unforgettable nights in style. So ¡Vamos de fiesta!

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