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Festival of Light

As Diwali literally translates to 'Row of Lamps' take a look at what The Arabian Tent company can offer in terms of lighting, draping and more.

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The Festival of Light is a colourful celebration full of light, colour, sweets, decorations, songs and dance.

Throwing a party with people who are close to your heart is a beautiful way to celebrate Diwali.

Since Diwali is a Festival of Light, it's essential your event is well lit. From festoon lighting, fairy lights, coloured up lighters, kasbah lanterns, and our selection of unique hand made chandeliers, we have a wide range of unique lighting to set off the occasion! Also consider the theme - for example if you're looking for a Bollywood theme, kasbah lanterns work great in this setting.

Our Bombay Boudoir tent, with a shimmery mirrored burnt pink and oranges lining, and Arabian tent with multi coloured patchwork of materials and mirrors are the perfect settings for you to throw your party.

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As we take our eyes up from the open marquee and look through the top marquee and have three gorgeous Indian cocktail tables gently swaying in the breeze and evening sunlight, wow this deserves a medal!! I love it!

Christina ★★★★★

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