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If you’re planning a party that’s going to be both fun and grown up, and perhaps a shade risqué, you can’t do better than theming it around burlesque — a setting where all your guests can let their hair down without the risk of it going too far.

Burlesque’s spiritual home is the world-famous Parisian cabaret the Moulin Rouge, which evokes the French Belle Époque, the artwork of Toulouse-Lautrec, and of course the can-can. Daring in its day, the burlesque of the Moulin Rouge has a classic nostalgia value now, but is still energetic and fun, making it a perfect theme for a party.

And nothing evokes the spirit of the classic Moulin Rouge better than our La Rouge tent, with its sumptuous red velvet linings. Sensuous and dramatic, the soft, warm red light bouncing off the tent creates an intense mood that takes you back to Paris of the 1890s.

You can have La Rouge laid out for a sumptuous banquet or with soft furnishing for relaxation while your guests watch the entertainment. You can set up an area for musicians to provide anything from mood music to accompanying the dancing.

Of course, you’ll want dancing for your burlesque party, whether you hire professionals or just let your guests enjoy themselves in costume — anything from sensual belly-dance to the raucous energy of the classic can-can. There’s plenty of room for it all, and the fin de siècle blend of sumptuous sophistication and bohemian chic is the perfect setting for the entertainment.

La Rouge can take anything up to 260 guests, and its period magnificence and sumptuous moodiness will make your burlesque party an event to be talked about for years to come. Get in touch to find out everything we can offer. | 0800 881 5229

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