Pallet Furniture

Upcycle, recycle, re-purpose – we’re all familiar with the (over-used) phrase, “ shabby chic” but here at the Arabian Tent Company, we’ve been advocates of creating a relaxed, homely, lived-in environment for many years and the latest addition to the collection is our pallet furniture for hire.

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Pallet Furniture

We enjoy mixing materials such as industrial bits and bobs with tactile textures like the sheepskins or glitter cushions. How well this works with filament bulbs, how astroturf looks great with this look and how great our matching ‘pallet bar’ sits nicely with the ‘greenery’ trend this year.

The industrial-chic look is on-trend as it can be dressed up and down, and used both inside and out (with and without cushions and blankets). We have two-seater sofas for hire which have the option of adding cushions, and pallet benches that are softened with the addition of sheepskins to give them a cosy look. And we have white leatherette covers for the sofas as well as hessian covers too.

To match with the pallet sofas and benches we also have for hire pallet coffee tables, side tables, and a selection of different rugs to choose from that pull all the furniture together and create a cosy, fun area.
And the pallet bar matches this selection of furniture too and measures 12ft x 3ft which is suitable for a party of up to 150 people.

Recycled Oak barrels work well in conjunction with this furniture making solid, practical poseur tables that can be used both inside and out. They also command a presence that invokes a bygone age. What better fun as a child than to hide behind a pirate’s haul of rum! Or indeed, to be able to climb on the furniture without being told off.

The diversity of this furniture is considerable – it suits all our structures – from the clean lines of the Pearl Tent where it matches the wooden poles and finials outside, to the warm desert-vibe of the saffron interior where the colours of the wood bring out the yellow cotton interior, as well as working to give a modern look to the Bollywood interior where the white tops and the addition of flashes of colour in the soft furnishings work well with the stunning pink and orange colour scheme.

The beauty of this furniture for hire is that it can be accessorised really well. Aside from the soft, elegant look with sheekspkins and white cushions, we can provide an ethnic look by adding Indian kantha stitch cushions and blankets, but also create an ‘English country garden’ look with the addition of embroidered wool cushions and the ever popular ‘woodland wedding’ vibe.

So next time you see a discarded pallet, just consider the possibilities, enjoy campsite culture and see that merely by hiring a pallet bar, some barrels and some pallet furniture, you have created a playground for young and old. And don’t worry about splinters and nails – all our furniture is meticulously repaired and made good for use!

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