Boyer Wines is a family wine-making company based in the Southern Rhone Valley, France, who are perfectionist makers supplying wines to some of the most prestigious establishments in Europe including Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck in Bray and to some high status international events such as the Cannes Film Festival.

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Some of the best wine in Europe

We are delighted that their range of bio-dynamic, organic wines are now available exclusively to our clients with the personal service you'll delight in - including the possibility to tailor bottle labels to a specific event.

They are winemakers who are committed to only create natural wines respecting their origin and the surrounding environment.

All their vineyards are situated in the Languedoc and the Southern Rhone Valley are run the most organically possible without any use of pesticides or herbicides.

They firmly believe that great wines come from natural healthy vines rather than the wine making process. Unlike most wines you can buy in supermarkets no enzymes, colouring additives, gum arabic, animal proteins or sugar are used and S02 is used to the strict minimum.

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