Rory Lindsay

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How did you get into photography?

My father was a wonderful photographer and he gave me a toy camera for my seventh birthday - I was entranced by it.  It became a passion - all through my teens and twenties I took pictures everywhere I went.  I have a very visual mind and photography became my way of expressing myself creatively.  After working in advertising agencies in London for 15 years I had a deep yearning to work for myself, so I dropped everything and struck out on my own as a photographer.

How would you describe your style?

I like to capture pictures of moments and things exactly as they are, without interference, but I always challenge myself to capture them in unusual, interesting and beautiful ways.  I consider my role as a photographer is to see and feel everything in the best possible way.

What is the best wedding you've ever shot?

When two people agree to commit the rest of their lives to one another in front of their combined friends and family, there is always a special magic in the air, so every wedding is incredible in it's own way.  I realise that's a bit of a cheat answer, but it's true.  I've never shot a wedding that hasn't moved me.

What tip would you give to Brides and Grooms when choosing a photographer?

Search high and low - scour the internet, ask friends, quiz suppliers - until you find a photographer whose pictures make you gasp.  Tell them what it is about their work that you love so much.  Tell them everything you hope they can do for you, then trust them on the day.

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