Lesley Burdett

Mobile: 07867 525 090

Email: lesley@lesleyburdett.com

Website: http://lesleyburdett.com/

How did you get into photography?

My father is a photographer and I grew up playing with film cameras so I’ve always loved photography! I was able to embrace my passion in earnest 7 years ago now and don’t consider photography as my ‘job’. There is nothing better in the world than spending an entire day celebrating the happiest day of someone’s life with their family and friends.

How would you describe your style?

My style is mainly reportage with my goal to capture the detail and those very special tender moments without being annoying!

What is the best wedding you've ever shot?

Although I love every wedding I’m involved in, the most memorable wedding I’ve photographed has to be a hand fasting ceremony at a festival. I was asked 2 hours before-hand and the bride, groom and guests were the happiest and chilled out I’ve ever met! We then shared freshly cooked bread and home made pickle in the sunshine.

What tip would you give to Brides and Grooms when choosing a photographer?

My tip for choosing a wedding photographer is make sure you allocate enough budget and that you click with them too. Remember, your wedding photographer is with you for the entire day capturing the most important day of your life so choose someone with a good portfolio, recent glowing testimonials and that you know you can get on with them too!

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