Iain Gomes

Phone Number: 0208 856 9521

Mobile: 07809 464 554

Email: info@gomesphotography.co.uk

Website: https://www.gomesphotography.co.uk/

How did you get into photography?

I started my career in 2009 after a friend asked if I would photograph his wedding. I was skeptical at first, but thought I'd give it a go. Armed with some rather basic equipment and even more basic knowledge on how to use it I went ahead and photographed the wedding. The feedback was tremendous and this inspired me to train to become a professional wedding photographer.

How would you describe your style?

I always tell my clients that my style is a mix of documentary and fashion. 90% of a wedding day for me is spent taking natural photos of family and friend enjoying themselves. As much as possible I want to remain unseen so not to spoil the moment. I'm well known for my very dramatic bride and groom portraits and it's these images that has made me stand out from the other photographers out there.

What is the best wedding you've ever shot?

A wedding at the Sydney Opera House was probably the one I will remember for the longest but that said I am fortunate to be able to pick and choose the weddings I shoot so everyone is amazing in its own way.

What tip would you give to Brides and Grooms when choosing a photographer?

Choosing a photographer is a very personal thing and it's more important to some than others. My clients really appreciate photography and to them the photos matter a great deal. My advice to couples is to firstly not be seduced by price. Really look at the photographers work and in particular their blog. This will show how busy they are and how up to date their imagery is. Meet with your photographer and you will get a feeling if this is a person you want to share your wedding day with. If you’re getting married in the winter months ask them how they deal with low light and if it rains how they will be able to get the group shots you want. Can they be creative indoors as well as outside.

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