Tree Planting

Planting trees is the best and most immediate way to offset your footprint - in addition to the offsetting scheme outlined above. The emissions created by your guests as well as the food miles, the wine and the delivery of the structure and equipment are substantial.

Use a carbon calculator to ascertain your guests’ footprint according to their method of travel. Rather than your gift list, you and your guests can donate to plant a grove of trees, creating a wedding forest for you which will not only offset the day but will continue enriching the planet for years to come.

Partnership: Green Earth Appeal

We have partnered with Green Earth Appeal - an initiative that plants trees in tropical climates along with the provision of tools, education and infrastructure to provide aid-reliant communities with sustainable and profitable agroforestry farming businesses now and for generations to come. They work across the continent, fighting unemployment and hunger by supporting Agroforestry projects that reforest areas destroyed in the hunt for fuel and urban development.

Green Earth Appeal plant trees on behalf of each guest. They plant enough fruit trees to offset the CO2e produced by the unavoidable environmental impact of each attendee. Each guest will receive recognition for all the trees planted on behalf of your event in the form of individually verified certificates.