Carbon offset

In this new age of carbon overloads and climate emergency, every effort is important. We are proud to introduce our own offsetting scheme, giving you the opportunity to offset the carbon cost of your event.

Carbon offsetting is the practice of putting funds towards organisations which help the environment by lowering or reducing carbon emissions – an example would be reforestation projects or sustainable energy. Once you’ve offset that, and it results in net zero carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, it’s referred to as “carbon neutral”.

Developments in clean transport for goods vehicles is still a few years away. There are no practical alternatives to using diesel-fuelled trucks and vans to deliver our equipment - therefore calculating the amount of carbon and investing in clean energy creates a solution with the option offset this unavoidable footprint.

The delivery of our tents and equipment is a strategic operation. Multiple vehicles are usually required for a delivery, each of which is loaded to capacity, carefully packed and balanced. Our vehicles are all fitted with Vortex exhaust systems to make them more efficient in fuel consumption.  We have a mileage limit of 150 miles per delivery to reduce our footprint.

We can help you to offset this footprint - and calculate the wider impact of other elements. We have numerous recommendations to drastically reduce the impact of your event.