The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Congratulations! You are engaged to be married! The next few months of your life will be some of the most exciting times you'll ver experience as you imagine, design and create your big day alongside your future husband/wife. There is a lot to think about, but our foolproof checklist breaks the tasks down - meaning nothing will be forgotten or left till the last minute…

First Up:

Save The Date. Whether you’re creating an online event to reserve the date, sending emails, making good old-fashioned phone calls - or a combination of all three - saving the date early on is important. There are a few weekends in the British calendar that are immensely popular for weddings. May Bank holiday being one of them. Pick your date and bag it early.

Create a budget. This figure will decide your venue - likely to be the most expensive aspect of your big day.

Start your venue research. Whether you go for an outdoor or indoor location will dictate a lot of the work of the coming months so get an idea of prices and which would suit you best

12 Months Before:

Visit and book your reception venue and ceremony location. With that done, relax. Only joking, you’ve got a tiny year to go!

Are you going to use the services of a wedding planner? It can make the experience more relaxing if your budget runs to it. House of Hud has a dedicated team of planners who will assist you with the creation of your dream.

Research wedding services and suppliers - especially the photographer, florist, caterer, décor and music. 

Decide on your entertainment for all aspects of the day - ceremony, drinks reception and dancing. You could use a theatrical element at some stage.

Gather addresses for your invites and include questions about dietary requirements.

Book your caterers and decide on the menu.

Consider a trip to France to buy wine.

6-9 Months To Go:

It’s time to get booking. Photographer and videographer need to be booked now. As well as your florist and make-up artist.

Find your perfect dress… Take a very small trusted team with you on this outing. Too many cooks spoil the broth. 

Choose your rings and have them fitted (and insured - along with your engagement ring.)

Research and decide upon décor for your venue. Will there be a colour theme? What flowers or plants will be in season to dress the venue? 

Create a gift list or identify chosen charity for donations.

Book your band. Are you a disco lover? Soul sister? Rocker? There’s a band for you. And it’s YOUR day. The dancefloor will need late-night sustenance. Notify your trusted DJ friends that they’ll be honoured enough to be spinning at your wedding. If there are any tunes you simply MUST hear, then send a list to The Most trusted.

Decide upon your first dance song and - if it’s for you - rehearse a little dance so you don’t freeze up. A number where the whole party can join in if you’re shy is popular. 

Send accommodation options to guests and impress upon them the need for booking in advance.

6-3 Months To Go:

Choose bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

Choose Groomsmen’s suits or administer colour theme so they can wear their own.

Choose your readings, poems, songs and ask your chosen loved ones if they will read, perform, speak.

Book your honeymoon! Are your passports in date?!

Order your wedding cake. How many tiers? Will there be a different flavour for each tier or is it entirely made of cheese?

Book your bridal suite and identify where you’ll be getting ready.

Book your transport to and from the ceremony and venue. 

0-3 Months

Write your vows. Don’t leave these until the last minute.

Write speeches and make sure to include all the thank you’s.

Go to a dress fitting. 

Chase RSVPs and get a final headcount to your venue and caterer.

Create a table plan. This takes longer than you think.

Make or print name cards and decide on place settings.

Break in your shoes! This is crucial for full enjoyment of your wedding dancefloor.

1 Week To Go!

Gather the list of requests for the wedding coordinator at the venue. Set up space for the florist, table for DJ and so on.

Confirm all arrangements with the suppliers and create a running schedule of the day. Make sure all suppliers are arriving the day before if necessary.

Give the venue managers your schedule and details of vendor delivery and setup times - plus contact numbers.

Preen. Get your manicure, spray tan, haircut and wax. Try not to panic.

Do a full rehearsal of the big day - from underwear to veil.

Assign jobs to your teams - such as checking table settings and flowers.

Brief your ushers on their roles.

Pack your overnight bag for the reception - remember something warm and glamourous if you are having an outdoor wedding. Possibly your dancing shoes if you plan to wear heels.

Pack for your honeymoon. Double-check tickets and passports.

Organise money to pay to the suppliers on the day and delegate this.

Allow your teams to sooth and nerves and anxieties - you’ve got this.

After The Big Day

Prearrange a trusted team member to return hired items and take your dress to the dry cleaners.

When you open your presents, make a list of who gave you what so you can send thank you cards.

Write and send thank you’s to guests and helpful vendors.

Any leftover food can be repurposed and donated to a food bank. 

Enjoy married bliss!

Have a wonderful wedding!

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