The Greenery Wedding Trend – And Why it’s a Big Hit with Brides

It’s official: Pantone's 2017 Colour of the Year is Greenery.

Greenery wedding trend

The Dana Pearl dressed in foliage green and white in the chandelier and centre pieces.

Good Year for a Greenery Wedding

Greenery, known by its official name as 15-0343 Greenery, speaks of a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade and is a symbol of new beginnings.

In a modern world where we spend up to ten hours per day in artificial office environments surrounded by screens, man-made materials and radio-waves permeating into our core, it's not surprising that we are moving away from the LED lights, plastic-coated bars and artificial decor of 'noughties' Wedding decor to come full circle in our desire to re-connect with our authentic selves. The Greenery trend represents our desire to get back to 'feeling human' again by surrounding ourselves with nature, natural materials and the people we love.

Perhaps this explains why Greenery transcends so well as a wedding theme, and it’s rise in popularity: the association we have with greenery is the association we have marriage.

Combine your greenery with blush pinks for a touch of extra warmth. Credit: Jay Rowden Photography

Greenery also reflects our innate attraction to connect with nature and each other. It is the reason many of us desire a marquee wedding, allowing you to spend your Big Day in the great outdoors. (whether we realise this or not!) Being at one with nature not only relaxes our eyes - the colour association we have with green and blue is one of serenity  - but also makes us feel more connected to nature and each other. Also, being in the great outdoors will mean the occasion will not be an awkward one, as people can make use of the outdoor space available to them.

Greenery represents the desire to escape the paradigms of modern society and explore the great outdoors, and with each other - the more submerged people become with modern life, the more incessant the craving to immerse themselves in the natural world. As Pantone’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman puts it: “Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”

Foliage green

Suspended wild flowers and succulent cacti centrepieces. Credit: Light Trick Photography

Here is Pantone’s break down in which greenery will shine through in 2017.


Greenery symbolises how businesses are taking responsibility for their footprint and taking steps into how minimise it. This year, we are considering green alternatives in how we run our company, from the plastic we use to renewable energy, to see how ‘Greenery’ The Arabian Tent Company can be. We are swapping biodegradable plastics for consumables like cable-ties, finding a way of recycling waste products from events like carpet, and using solar powered toilets instead of chemical versions.

Bringing the outside in

Bringing the outside, inside, is a theme not only for interior design, but has been transcending into wedding design for years. And it’s not just flowers that are incorporated into a greenery wedding theme: potted plants, succulent cacti and suspended wild flowers have all been spotted in our tents and we have now made some frames that florists can decorate that fit perfectly in our tents to create a ceiling of greenery.

Plant life has been well known to herald positive well being and health on human beings, which harks back to our ancestors in pre-historic times – after all, we evolved with nature.

Greenery theme in the Oyster Pearl Tent

Mix up your Greenery with a rustic edge and chiffon drapes. Credit: Blue Door Barns Events, Rebecca Goddard Photography

This minimalist botanical wedding chose to keep it interesting with cacti as centrepieces and wedding favours, wild flowers suspended from above and from copper wire, giving a surrealist approach to greenery wedding trend.

Greenery foliage trend

Little succulent cacti make great wedding favours - and can double up as place cards. Credit: Light Trick Photography

Greenery wedding theme with suspended flowers

A novel way to hang flowers. Credit: Light Trick Photography

Alternatively, a more traditional greenery trend can be incorporated into the bouquets, centrepieces, following through into the ceremony and the marquee.

Greenery wedding theme with The Dana Pearl

The Dana Pearl with Greenery accents. Credit: Lucy Tanner Photography

Greenery wedding flowers

Make a statement with bouquet of flowers outside. Credit: Lucy Tanner Photography

Wedding Bar Greenery

Decorate our whitewashed bar with Green and White. Credit: Lucy Tanner Photography

table plan greenery theme

Incorporate your Greenery theme into your seating plan

Incorporate the Greenery wedding trend into the chandelier. This geometric shape adds a different dimension – no pun intended – to your average chandelier.

Geometric Greenery Chandelier. Credit: Jessica Milberg Photography

Our wireframe chandeliers can be dressed with any kind of florals or foliage.

Or maybe a more contemporary twist?

Manila cushions and lampshades in our Oyster Pearl tent.

Round astroturf bar.

Grass flooring.


Pantone forecasts that greenery will be used in fashion – providing pops of colour in accessories and shoes, or other key pieces. We’ve seen this trend in bridesmaids using the greenery bouquet as a bold accent to their dresses to incorporate the Greenery wedding trend.


And as Greenery is one of the hottest wedding trends right now, it is easy to forget about the other colours that Pantone has released in their spring colour report for 2017. Well, we’re here to show you just how stunning these colours are and how you can incorporate them into your wedding with florals!

Bright fuchsia pink brings a pop of colour!

FTD has created these mood boards below featuring their favourite Pantone spring colours including: Pale Dogwood, Primrose Yellow, Pink Yarrow, Hazelnut and of course, Greenery. Each board features various floral arrangements to inspire your wedding decor along with highlighted flowers so that you can easily recreate incorporate your favourite spring colours into your special day.
Below is the Pink Yarrow floral arrangement, which we think would be great with our Viva La Fiesta tent. Check out the other Pantone-inspired wedding flower ideas here!

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at our Greenery Pintrest Board.

Thank you to the following photographers for their contributions:

Light Trick Photography

Jessica Milberg Photography

Jay Rowden Photography

Lucy Tanner Photography

Blue Door Barn Events

Rebecca Goddard Photography

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