How to survive the festival season like a pro


Photo credit to Secret Garden Party.

You may be experiencing child-like exhilaration and a healthy dose of pre-party fear in equal measure. Whether your festival planning is akin to a strategic army-manoeuvre or you frolic through the gates carefree with hedonistic abandon, there are far too many unmissable weekenders this summer to peak too soon. Endurance is everything. Here’s how to survive the festival season like a pro.

If your current home-from-home was mine-swept from abandoned fields in the aftermath of Glastonbury, you might be in for a rough ride.

Invest in a Portable Palace

If your current home-from-home was mine-swept from abandoned fields in the aftermath of Glastonbury, or resembles a plastic DIY MRI, you might be in for a rough ride. Invest in a palace for some much-needed down time. It might be the difference between your journey home feeling like a rock anthem road-trip music video, rather than an exodus of Day of the Dead.

The popularity of Bell Tents, tipis and boudoirs has risen quickly and there are brilliant ‘glamping’ options at most festivals. Booking in advance with companies specialising in beautiful bespoke boudoirs, such as the Arabian Tent Company, will ensure a smooth landing into luxury on arrival.

It’s both possible and practical to ‘dry-hire’ bell tents at a fraction of the cost of buying one and have them delivered to your doorstep. Surprisingly easy to pitch, airy in the heat, stoic protection in the rain, capable of comfortably housing a family or a ‘fabulous' of wild unicorns - if you’re serious about partying in the great outdoors, you’ll never look back. Bell-tents and tipis are a festival comfort game-changer.

Keep your Engine Revved

In order to prevent your party-motor from stalling, take a moment over what you’re putting in your engine. Just a few simple tricks before you crash-land will help immeasurably when you wake, priming you to get stuck straight back in.

The night before: 5HTP (5hydroxytryptophane) will help rebalance depleted serotonin, a tall glass of water or coconut water will hydrate and a banana before bed will line your stomach and replace lost potassium - relaxing your muscles to help you rest and keep you limber for the next morning.

For an instant game-changer, we highly recommend the festival pro’s favourites: Faust’s Potions’ Asleep - containing 5HTP, electrolytes and powerful anti-oxidants to battle harmful alcohol by-products. Followed first thing in the morning by their Awake Potion - containing Green Tea, Ginseng, Guarana, electrolytes and antioxidants to revitalise, stimulate and detox (available at With a two day supply of potions as well as an eye-mask and ear plugs, Faust’s Essential Travel Kit may be the ultimate festival partner-in-crime.

Photo credit by Faust's Potions.

Photo credit by Faust's Potions.

Circadian Rhythms aren't a Cuban Musical Ensemble

The early promise of ‘saving yourself for Saturday’ is all fine and well, but when you’re dancing until sunrise in a crowd of glittery faces, you might be just too excited to sleep. We know the feeling. Our tip? Don’t be afraid to cat-nap. The circadian rhythm of your 24hr sleep cycle rolls in roughly 5 phases during a normal night’s sleep, usually at about 90 minutes a time. Inbetween these cycles you’ll experience a period of relative wakefulness. When napping, use this wisely. If you’re sleep deprived but having too much fun to call it a day, a 90 minute power snooze is the perfect amount of time to buffer the edges and keep you going until you can call in that sleep debt.


Coconut Water is your Friend

Love it or loathe it, when you feel your festival-fuel depleting, nothing will hydrate you faster than a hit of coconut water. Coconut water contains cytokinins; plant growth hormones that regulate cell regrowth, balance PH levels and hydrate connective tissues. Packed full of replenishing electrolytes, antioxidants, potassium and zinc; it’s not only a natural isotonic, but also an hedonist’s saviour.

If being health-conscious during a festival is the last thing on your mind, try rehydrating whilst you dehydrate, with coconut water mojitos:


Express Yourself

While it may be all too easy to lean on the uniform of flower garlands and Hunters, getting hung-up on ‘festival fashion’ will only impede the rare opportunity for self-expression that festivals seek to encourage. Even the most cool-hardy amongst us may experience the pre-festi wardrobe fear. If anything, remember: #1 You will hopefully be amongst friends. If not, bounce around until you find new ones. #2 Attire should never be a primary concern, however, a positive attitude and almost complete abandon should be. #3 There will never be a shortage of glitter, which will always cover a multitude of sins.

There’s no greater play-ground for an adult than a festival. Adrenalin and serotonin boosts from laughter and dance will help burn through the worst of hangovers. Adventure. Let your imagination run wild and then run wild with it.


Photo credit by Philip Volkers.

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