Arabian Tents Christmas Marquee Party Ideas

How to plan a Christmas Marquee party? 

The festive season is approaching quickly, and gingerbread, mulled wine and secret Santa’s are just around the corner. Christmas events are a brilliant way to celebrate the end of the year with your loved ones or to nurture business relationships in a warm and festive setting. 

Christmas parties have proven to motivate staff for the new year to come and offer an opportunity for team bonding and to thank employees for their work throughout the year. 

Step 1: The Marquee

The first step in the event planning process is often finding a suitable venue for your requirements. 

Marquees are a great option for your event all year around, no matter if you are planning to host in your private garden or at a venue.

Our frame tents are water- and windproof and can be very sufficiently heated. 

Electric heaters are a safe and efficient way to warm up smaller marquees, while larger gas heaters are a fantastic option for bigger marquees. Our gas heaters are fitted with carbon monoxide detectors to ensure the air quality in your tent stays in the safe range, while keeping you nice and warm. 

While our smallest structures offer a cosy little space for your favourite people, we also offer larger marquees which can be connected to cater for large groups. 

The beauty of hosting your event inside one of our marquees is that we can customize and personalise the style and design to match your vision and requirements; there are no limits to your imagination!

Step 2: Choose your Style

Are you looking to host a traditional, Nordic Christmas party? Our traditional Christmas designs are focussing on the classic charm of the festive season. Large pine trees, fairy lights, garlands and wreaths turn your marquee into a rustic Christmas dream. 

Why not take your guests to a classy, silver and white winter wonderland, filled with Crystal chandeliers, giant snowflakes, and a sparkly-white Christmas tree?

Our Arabian tents with their colourful red, purple, or saffron linings are a great option for cosy Moroccan themed Christmas events. Decorate your space with lanterns, the lush chandeliers and golden Christmas trees with Moroccan inspired ornaments.

Are you looking for a little “something different”? Why not host a themed Christmas event! The La Rouge linings turn your marquee into a James Bond like Casino with dry martinis and vintage glam, while our crystal chandeliers, golden drapes, feathers, and Art Deco props can turn your event into a Great Gatsby party from the roaring 20s. 

Step 3: Confirm your favourite interior and lighting 

Depending on your chosen style, the interior of our Arabian tents consists of a wide variety of classic, printed, or colourful Arabian linings, for example a festive red or purple or our new Star of Arabia, a cream-coloured lining with beautiful gold stars, as well as coir or hard flooring.

Another crucial aspect of your event styling is lighting, especially when it comes to Christmas events! All of our tents come with fairy lighting, chandeliers, or uplighters, as well as candles, lanterns and more. 

Step 4: The Furnishings

No matter if you are planning to host a formal dinner or a casual gathering with a bar and dance floor, we will have the perfect furniture options for you (and if we don’t, our in-house team will create or find them for you!).

Our furnishings range from long or round tables and Chiavari chairs, to a wide selection of different types of lounge seating, decorated with the cushions of your choice and Christmas ornaments. Lounge seating offers your guests to get comfortable with a drink or to rest from a long night of dancing. 

Step 5: How to make your event covid safe(r) 

The Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing aspect we need to consider when planning and hosting events. While 89% of adults in the UK are now vaccinated, keeping a safe distance is still encouraged and may be preferred by your guests. Only using venues to 75% capacity allows guests a bit more space to stay apart, while providing hand sanitiser and masks offers additional protection. 

Keeping the sides of your marquee open can be an option to allow airflow, which is proven to minimize the risk of catching the virus. 

Outdoor furniture and lighting, blankets and our fire bowls can create a cosy, warm place to sit and chat, while being surrounded by fresh, crisp air. 

Step 6: Have a great time!

If you would like to discuss your Christmas Party ideas - whether its a corporate party or garden marquee party, do get in touch.

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