How to ‘Eco’ your Event

With 'Earth Day' celebrated across the globe on Sunday 22nd April, here at The Arabian Tent Company we've been thinking about how managing green events is so important to us, and we are doing all that we can to improve every day! But we know it can be hard, so we’ve been doing some research and have come up with 7 top tips to help you organise the most ‘eco’ friendly event possible. Whether it’s a small shindig, wedding for 200 or large corporate event - it can be really simple if you plan with it in mind.


The best option for the environment is to enforce a ‘no plastics’ rule, using instead glass or porcelain. However, if this isn’t an option, ensure that all of your disposable cups and plates are biodegradable OR at least recyclable, and include a clearly labeled recycling scheme makes it as easy for your guests… just make sure you have enough labeled recycling bins!


Choosing an event space where public transport is available, or another great idea would be a car-sharing scheme. This will reduce vehicles and therefore CO2 emissions on the road to your event, and will also mean sharing the cost in fuel. Create a Facebook page so that your guests can organize themselves, or maybe even book a shared bus for your guests coming from the same areas of town.


Take full advantage of technology! There’s great tech available that can be used not only to reduce waste paper, but make your event super exciting and interactive for your guests too. Some of these could include emailing tickets or invites, and displaying videos and photos on large screens or iPads. A great way to remember and re-live the party or event is to set up a hashtag for everybody to Tweet, Instagram and tag on Facebook!


Every event needs toilets for guests to use, so why not, instead of using nasty chemical toilets, use composting toilets instead! Composting toilets work by using a natural process, similar to your garden composter, by ensuring the correct balance between oxygen, moisture, heat and organic material that is needed to ensure the right environment for bacteria to transform the waste into fertilizing soil. This not only means that you won’t be polluting the earth with chemicals, but composting also ensures odour-free operation and complete decomposition of waste.

Meat free?

Catering is often seen as a pinnacle of any party experience, so this might not be for everybody. But, vegetarian and vegan food is becoming more and more popular (and tasty!), and expanding on the ‘Meat free Monday’ trend is a great way to introduce all of your guests to some dishes that they may not otherwise have tried! Offering a meatless menu doesn't necessarily have to be preachy either, as Erica DeLorenzo tells The Times, "It's a teaching moment, not a preaching moment. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. I'm just trying to share with people how I live and hope people enjoy it and learn something from it."

Sustainable Power

To make your event the most sustainable, power sourcing is one of the most important considerations. At The Arabian Tent Company we believe that long-term sustainability is the key to success, so why not try candlelight in our cobba lanterns for outside areas for an eco-friendly touch? And glow from within with our warming firepits. But if electricity is needed, using solar powered generators is a great eco alternative!


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