Do’s and Dont’s For Planning Your New Year’s Eve party

Don't Just Wing It!

Congratulations. You've decided to host the annual New Year's Eve party! Now pull your finger out and make a plan. You can't gather people in one space and expect the party to just happen. There are crucial elements to a perfect party. The most important of course are the ones that need the most prep: sound, music and atmosphere. So, don’t leave these plans to the last minute. Think in advance about lighting and décor. Book a sound system. Food and drinks can be done the day before.


Do Pick A Theme

Capitalise on New Year’s Eve enthusiasm. Your friends are far more likely to go all out tonight. And your party will be much more fun with one of these themes. It will also help with your décor and entertainment planning.

James Bond Themed Party

Do Have A Countdown

Whether it’s the DJ grabbing the mic, the band stopping to count down or you leaping onto a podium with a watch - the countdown is key. Make sure you’ve thought about the first tune of the New Year - and make it a well-known, dancey number. This is the moment for everyone to be on the dancefloor.

Music and Entertainment

Do Invite People Early

You know the drill. Tickets are expensive, there are a plethora of options - but no one will commit until they find out what their best mate/latest crush/girl next door is doing. Get in there and send out your incredibly exciting (themed, digital) invites early. Once everyone is on board excitement levels can build and you can get on with the organisational elements - like ordering the bubbly.

Do Pop Your Cork At Midnight

Splash out on a case of champagne or Cava. It’s a special night and you want to remember the sound of popping corks and fizzing drinks as the new year begins. Drinking from the bottle is absolutely fine.

Popping Corks!

Don't Drink Champagne All Night!

Just because you’ve got the drinks in, doesn’t mean you should drink bubbles all night. The hangover will be brutal, and you may not make it to 2am. Recall the sensible advice to switch out every other drink for water or a soft. Your New Year’s Day self will be extremely grateful.

Champagne Glasses

Do Have A Midnight Kiss

Whether it’s your best mate, all your mates or your beau, grab someone for a midnight kiss and celebrate!

Guests On The Dancefloor

Do Stay On The Dancefloor

Don’t miss the best of the dancing by chatting all night in the toilets. Too many hours are spent in front of the mirror while the party is popping without you. You look great - now go out there and get to the front!


Do Provide Food

This needn’t be extravagant or expensive. A batch of midnight pizzas will sustain your party for another few hours. And guard against the mega-hangover.

Pizza Selection

Do Install A Curfew And Have A Plan For After

Are you a 24-hour party kinda person? Or would you like your guests to be gone by 3am? Whatever your decision, make sure it’s well-acknowledged by your party people. You don’t want to be trying to kick out stragglers who are under the impression this is a celebration until January 2nd. You could always go with everyone to the afterparty if you’re ready to move on.

Do Instal A Water Station

A kilner jar with a tap and a load of sturdy glasses near the dancefloor is a very, very good idea.

Water Stations

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