New Oyster Pearl tent

The Oyster Pearl wedding tent.

The Oyster Pearl wedding tent.

The Arabian Tent Company (ATC) is delighted to announce the launch of its new Oyster Pearl Tent. The new tent has been specially designed to accommodate larger wedding parties (seating up to 240 people), measuring 12m x 24m floor-space and creates a classic, traditional look using a white canvas exterior with wooden finials on top of the poles, cotton ropes and an elegant veranda area around the edge.

“I wanted to offer our clients the option of having a gorgeous big white wedding tent that would allow the larger wedding parties that we’ve been seeing in the last couple of years, the option of sitting down together under the same roof at a reception,” says Katherine Hudson, the founder of ATC. “It was really important to me to ensure that although the interior wouldn’t be decorative, like the other tents in our Arabian collection, the Oyster Pearl would retain a special atmosphere which it has…it’s got a really whimsical, wonderland wedding feel to it and sits perfectly alongside the structures of our sister company Pearl Tents”.

A Pearl Tent exterior.

Unlike the themed interiors of the tents in the Arabian collection, the idea behind this tent is simplicity. The structure is part of the beauty hence it doesn’t need a decorative lining, and instead has an elegant flat white interior which can either be left as it is, or accessorised using swags of soft voile, hanging flowers or objects like parasols, pompoms, or lanterns and works beautifully with interesting lighting effects.

Soft draping in a marquee.

Voile swags and lighting effects in action.

As well as the veranda feature around the outside, the Oyster Pearl is made from breathable canvas exterior which stops it ever becoming stuffy inside the tent as can happen with synthetic-based materials and creates a soft, natural backdrop for a celebration.

Over the last few years canvas tents have become a more and more popular feature at weddings as brides and grooms are moving back to a softer, more traditional look for weddings and away from celebrating in ultra-contemporary, almost sterile environments.

One of the benefits with the Oyster Pearl is that it has removable panoramic walls which allow clients to see through the walls of the tent as though they weren’t there, which is convenient given the vagaries of the English weather. This can easily be carried out by at short notice during an event if the weather changes suddenly and allows the feature of the view not to be lost.

Oyster Pearl exterior.

The new Oyster Pearl’s interior floor space measures 12m x 24m metres but the tent as a whole needs a 15m x 28m metre space to be pitched due to the extra space in the veranda around the edge. It also needs to be pitched on grass rather than a hard surface. Clients have a choice between the sleek elegance of a hard flooring and pale cream carpet and the rustic feel of coir matting. “Flooring is important,” comments Katherine, “and can give personality to a tent, especially one of this size.”

Oyster Pearl interior.

“The Oyster Pearl comes in the same price bracket as our popular Arabian tents,” summarises Katherine, “but its look and feel is very similar to our Pearl Tent range and sits alongside them perfectly, so one could easily be used as a tent for a ceremony or a reception alongside one of our Pearl Tents.”

The Oyster Pearl tent – left, alongside the Dana Pearl tent – right.

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