5 Ways to Use Fairy Lights Effectively

Simple and super effective, the twinkle of fairy lights is evocative, magical and versatile. These twinkling lights are no longer just the preserve of Christmas and winter parties. Use them all year round and take inspiration from these tips to make your event a magical wonderland.

Oyster Pearl Ambience

We adorn our Oyster Pearl with fairy lights under the lining, winding down the leg drapes which creates a subtle, starlit ambience. On a practical level, these are often the only lighting required in the tent. The tent is lined in seamless magical twinkles which casts a beautiful, soft light. It is amazingly effective and creates an enchanting atmosphere.

Oyster Pearl Fairy Lights

The Trees Are Aglow

The trees in your venue are the perfect outdoor furniture to decorate. The canopy can be swathed in lights. Wind the length down the trunks and branches. If the branches are bare, experiment with different sizes of fairy lights and festoon for that star quality. 

Fairy Lights

Dancefloor Netted Canopy

Lowering the ceiling on the dancefloor is a classic way to boost intimacy and vibe. Use one of our fairy light nets to create the perfect take on an 80s starlight ceiling. Just apply Donna Summer and you’re good to go. 

Fairy Lights Dance Floor

Foliage Fairy Lights

Set the scene with our foliage fairy lights. The garlands or vines look incredible over hessian for a rustic vibe. String a trellis with the foliage lights and add festoon for a magical, twinkling garden.

Foliage Fairy Lights

On Tables

Add a string of fairy lights and to create magical table centrepieces and decorations. Twist around candles, greenery, floral centrepieces and pine cones. Fill glass jars and candle lanterns, drape them down the legs for a whimsical top table. Click here to check out Our Furniture and Lightening.

Table Fairy Lights

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