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15 Themes You Should Consider For Your New Year’s Eve Party!

New Year's Eve will always be the ultimate party night. The celebration is ceremonial: waving goodbye to one year and ringing in the new.  Absolutely everyone honours it in some way – be it climbing a mountain, lighting a candle or in our case, hitting the dance floor.

That communal party spirit makes for a super-exciting build up and an effervescent crescendo to the apex of midnight. The magic of all your friends in one room counting down, champagne fizzing in glasses, dancing and hugging each other as the clock strikes twelve is difficult to beat.

New Year’s Eve is also one of the only events where you can rely on people going ALL OUT with their costumes – and a party is so much more fun when your guests make an effort. So capitalise on this moment and give your New Year’s Eve Party the theme of your dreams. You will not regret it.

Here are our top 15 tried and tested favourite NYE party themes in no particular order...

1. The Year/Month of Your Birth

This theme is inventive, and challenging and demands a bit of prep from your attendees. The idea is to dress as the song or the artist that was top of the charts the month and year you were born. People can choose from the Billboard Top 100 or UK Number One – whichever they fancy. You can allow a bit of leniency on the month too so that your guests get to do something they will enjoy wearing.

3. Superheros

The night that everyone feels like a superhero – what better way to celebrate than dashing about in lycra doing ‘superhero landings’ off the sofa? Better still – you can add an option to invent your own superhero with special invented superpowers. Dancing among the Superwomen and Spidermen will be some truly weird and innovative heroes.

Top Tip: Get a demo of your heroes’ superpowers after midnight.

6. The Great Gatsby

A failsafe theme to encourage glamour and debauchery in equal measure. The costumes are gorgeous and easy to come by, and the evening will be suave and sophisticated - but be sure to get the music right – it will set your Gatsby scene. It’s roaring twenties, people.

Top Tip: Invent your cocktail and serve it in proper martini glasses.

6. The Great Gatsby

A failsafe theme to encourage glamour and debauchery in equal measure. The costumes are gorgeous and easy to come by, the evening will be suave and sophisticated - but be sure to get the music right – it will set your Gatsby scene. It’s roaring twenties, people.

8. Nautical Nonsense

Set sail on New Year’s Eve with a theme that encompasses any folk who dwell on – or under - the high seas or indeed the French Riviera, Venice, or the Henley Regatta. Sailors, pirates, parrots, gondolas, mermaids, sharks, divers, lifeguards… the possibilities are endless.

Top Tip: Do try and install a plank somewhere for people to walk. And the odd Baywatch moment wouldn’t go amiss.

10. Welcome To The Jungle

A cracker of a theme, the jungle is filled with all manner of exciting creatures and plants. You can deck your venue out with vines and foliage, apply a monkey or two, and get busy, because, you know, the jungle IS massive.

Top Tip: A jungle (and jungle-themed) soundtrack will make it go with an Amen-break-shaped bang.

13. Soul Train

The American program reached cult status for its amazing musical performances in funk, soul, R&B, jazz, and disco. The 70s disco vibe is a perfect theme. Think Boogie Nights, Saturday Night Fever, Car Wash…

Top Tip: This party relies on the best soundtrack in town and you MUST dance the Soul Train Line. 

15. Old Skool Rave

Some will get down with this theme more than others. Your Aunty Joyce may have sidestepped the 90s rave era and will probably prefer to celebrate at a Gatsby-era bash. But if you remember the golden days of raving with misty-eyed euphoria, then this party is for you. Install a UV and a strobe. Buy a load of glow sticks and some white gloves. Hire a decent sound system and prepare your DJs.

Old Skool-Themed Party - Kara's Party Ideas

Top Tip: Don’t leave the dancefloor.

2. The Time Traveller’s Ball

This theme is the ultimate fancy dress party. Your time-traveling guests can choose a person, style, or creature from any epoch, past, present, or future. You will be welcoming dinosaurs, ancient Egyptians, famous historical figures, pop icons, and space men to the dance floor.

Top Tip: Award the best costume a bottle of bubbly and insist on a solo dance from the winner.

4. Club Tropicana

Grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and garlands. Drinks in pineapples, a steamy venue to mimic the humid climate and a motherload of palm trees. A tropical party is a fun theme. And the playlist is even better.

Top Tip: Play Club Tropicana every hour until it becomes surreal.

5. Twin Peaks

Fans of David Lynch unite. There are only a few recognisable characters but that is not important. What is key is your venue. Recreate The Red Room. Red velvet curtains. Black and white chevron rug. Seedy music and a freaky performer. Your guests will love it.

Top Tip: Learn to say one phrase backward, preferably ‘Happy New Year’.

7. Alter Ego party

You'll get to know your friends in a whole new way when you ask them to come not only dressed as their alter ego but also in full character too. This theme is totally immersive and you'll find some secret talents, acting skills and a lot more lies beneath the friends you thought you know so well. You'll have so much fun getting to know these new people.

Dressing party ideas. Alter ego theme

Top Tip: Tell your guests to bring a prop to help you get to know their alter ego. 

9. The Best Of The Year

Come as your favorite icon or most memorable moment of the year. Expect a few Trumps, too many Boris’s - and some Beyoncés of course.

inside wedding tent

Top Tip: A decent soundtrack and awareness of current affairs is crucial for this party.

11. Heroes and Villans

This theme invites your guests to take a dive into their knowledge of historical rivals and to pick a side. Cops and Robbers, Cats and Dogs, Popeye and Bluto… You could throw in pimps and ... to this line up too.

festival wedding beautiful boho bride and groom married at el dorado festival

Top Tip: A goodie V baddie dance-off is just begging to happen.

12. All That Glitters

An oldie but a goodie. An easy win: invite your guests to sparkle the night away. Shine on in your home-made disco. Sequins, glitter, shimmer disc, lasers and a smoke machine will make your guests lose themselves on the dancefloor.

Top Tip: Disco Ball – essential.

14. Around The World

Honour global New Year's traditions from other cultures. In Spain, they eat 12 grapes in the last 12 seconds of the old year - one grape in time with each chime of the clock. In Denmark they smash plates. In Scotland you make sure the first person in your home after midnight is tall dark and handsome. Ecuadorians burn an effigy. Italians toss furniture out of their windows. In the Philippines they wear polka-dots.

Around the World-Themed Party

Top Tip: Pick the fun, achievable traditions. Chileans celebrate at a cemetery which may not be the best place to take your party.

inside wedding tent

Dressing party ideas. Alter ego theme

festival wedding beautiful boho bride and groom married at el dorado festival

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