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How much does a marquee wedding cost?

A marquee wedding is essentially building your own wedding venue from scratch, when budgeting it is important to factor in all the basics such as heating, lighting, flooring, waste management and toilets as well as the beautiful details, decor, furniture and finishing touches.
The average cost of a marquee wedding in the UK is £20,00.
The cost of your marquee wedding will of course depend on the marquee size, style and amount of furniture, decor and props you wish to hire.
Every wedding is unique and we like to create the space around you.
Let us know your requirements here, and we can give you a bespoke quote.
Here is a rough guide of pricing based on guest numbers. This includes a fully furnished marquee structure (floored, lit, lined) with dining chairs and tables, bar, lounge area, dance floor, stage, installation and a catering tent and insurance (not including delivery)Marquee for 100 Guests - £10kMarquee for 150 Guests - £12k

Marquee for 200 Guests - £14k

Marquee for 300 Guests - £19k

How many guests can I accommodate in a marquee?

Each of our marquees has a maximum capacity. Most of our marquees can hold up to 260 people, and our Oyster Pearl Tent has the capacity for 350 people.
If you are holding an event for more guests you can hire further marquees which can be interlinked to create different spaces.
Often, we use the Oyster Pearl tent in conjunction with the Dana Pearl tent as these have a similar aesthetic, and look good together – or add different rooms to the side of a large tent, for dance floors, bar areas and lounges to create more room within your event, in multiple structures.

How far in advance do I need to book my marquee?

Most wedding bookings are done around a year in advance, although some other wedding bookings have been made just a month in advance! Essentially as we have a limited collection of structures, the best time to book is when the tent that you want is available, otherwise it may get snapped up by another event.

How long does it take to put up a marquee?

Our tents vary in size, some of our smaller tents can be set up in a few hours, whilst our largest tents can take several days.
For our bigger marquees, the build would ideally begin on Monday or Tuesday to ensure everything is ready for a Saturday event.

How long is the marquee hire period?

The hire period is by arrangement and can be suited to your needs. Our standard costs assume a ‘weekend hire’ or 1-2 day event.

Can your tents be erected on hard standings?

Yes. The Frame Tents and Dana and Lulu Pearl tents can be erected on hard standings such as tennis courts, concrete car parks and gravel drives. This requires eye bolts to be drilled into the floor. The Pole tents and stretch tents can only be set up on grass.

Will the marquee damage the grass?

Not usually. The team take great care with gardens, and grass usually recovers very quickly from being covered for a few days. The stakes make holes in the ground, but these can be pushed in usually, and the centre poles of the Oyster Pearl tent can make slight dents where the weight has come down, but this isn’t permanent.
The cassette floor upgrade is useful for protecting the grass under the main floor of the marque and is the type that the National Trust insist on at their properties to protect the lawn. The cassette floor can then be covered with carpeting in a variety of colours – contact us for a PDF of options.

Are you able to come and assess the suitability of the site for a marquee?

Yes, we do a site visit with every confirmed booking. And if you don’t have a confirmed booking we are still happy to visit. We charge £100 site visit fee plus mileage and VAT, the fee is then deducted from a confirmed booking once made.
It’s possible for us to do a lot of assessment based on photos and dimensions of the areas in question too.

Does it matter if my garden or hard standing is on a slope?

Most of our frame tents require the area where they are being erected to be level. Scaffolding can be put in place to level areas that have too much of a slope to them. However, if the ground is slightly uneven then a hard-flooring upgrade can be used to level out the floor within the tent.
Stretch tents are a great option for ground that isn't level, and can often be erected in spaces that wouldn't have been possible with a standard marquee.

Can the sides of the marquee be opened up in warmer weather?

Absolutely. One of the features of the Dana, Lulu and Oyster Pearl tents is their aesthetic with the walls off. The walls of our tents hook on and off very easily.
We now also have clear span marquees with clear see through walls and ceilings for a 360 degree view of the outdoors whatever the weather or season.

Will the marquee be warm enough?

Our tents are all able to be heated, and as a general rule if the temperature is due to dip below 15 degrees, a heater is a good idea to have on-hand and is thermostatically controlled so will come on when the temperature drops below the level you have set it to.

Are the marquees safe in adverse weather conditions?

Yes, the tents are wind tested to 50mph, and the tents are waterproof.

Can I hire a marquee in the winter?

Yes, people like to party in the winter too, and there’s nothing better than having a beautiful marquee in the garden to do this.
The weatherproofing that is needed to ensure guests stay comfortable are a hard floor with carpet so the ground stays hard underfoot, heating in the form of ducted heaters, and solid doors to keep the heat in the marquee.
The velvet interior marquees in the Frame Tent Collection are very popular for winter parties and look instantly warm and decadent inside.

Do you supply lighting for the marquee?

As standard, all the styles of tent we provide have up lighters around the walls, and ceiling lighting. This is either chandeliers in the ceiling and we light the ceiling of the pole tents with fairy lights under the lining, or we have brass wall lights for the Frame Tent Collection.
We enjoy working on outdoor lighting installations outside the tent too. In addition you can hire festoon lights for pathways, hurricane lanterns for stake lines, colourful up lights to highlight trees, lanterns on crooks and twilight trees, all of which add to the ambience of the party and create a beautiful view at night.

How do you power the marquee?

We require a power supply. Most lighting can run from a 13-amp domestic supply or a generator.
Our cabling is weatherproof.

What else do you supply?

As well as our marquees, dining chairs, dance floor, stages and bars we have a collection of unique marquee furniture and props that perfectly complement our tents and interiors.

Can you help with event management?

We now offer full service wedding planning and on the day wedding coordination services through our sister company. Please contact us for more information.

Do you provide insurance cover?

We add a damage waiver to each booking which covers accidental damage or loss to the marquees and equipment.

What are your terms and conditions?

You can find all of our terms and conditions here, but if you have any further questions, please contact us.