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Every wedding is as unique as the two people getting married, and with ten different Frame Tent interiors to express yourself with, and an range of voile, hessian and foliage installations to transform the interior of your wedding, our enormous range of distinctive props and furniture to include in the decor, ours are especially individual.

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Whether you're looking for a marquee that's a 'bit different' to the norm, have an allergy to mock-Georgian marquee windows, or simply want an environment that reflects your personality on your wedding day... we understand the desire to create something really special to celebrate one of the most important days of your life, and really enjoy turning your vision into reality.

Introducing our Tents...

The two marquees that give a twist on the traditional wedding decor without frightening the 'rellys' are the Cornish Cream and William Morris interiors, both of which have an ivory background with pretty details - silvery blue block prints for the Cornish Cream marquee, and a floral climbing pattern for the William Morris.

The Cornish Cream interior was designed in conjunction with one of our clients who wanted a simple, elegant backdrop to her windswept Cornish wedding, so the colour scheme was based on the famous Cornish Ware pottery of blue and cream and we gave it texture by adding silver into the blue and adding mirrors into the motif on the ceiling. This unique wedding interior now provides a beautiful elegance for couples who are looking for unique wedding ideas and want 'something a bit different' in their wedding tent without being wildly outrageous. It’s a beautiful English classic.

The William Morris marquee was born out of a commission from the National Trust to mark the centenary of the founding of Morris & Co in 2010.

Being huge fans of the Arts and Crafts movement - which believed that 'Art improves Life' and aimed to 'bring beauty to the people!' - we jumped at the chance to transform our design ideas into reality, and the William Morris interior, with Morris' 'Golden Lillies' swagged drape to the four corners of the ivory and green screen-printed ceiling and the dusty pink and green 'Tree of Life' walls was born into our collection. This 'English Country Garden' marquee interior with its nature-inspired green and pink accent colour palette creates a soft, natural backdrop for a whimsical wonderland wedding.

The Oyster Pearl is a quintessentially British tent which evokes an air of elegant beauty and romanticism. The capacious peaked roof is a silhouette against the skyline, and the crisp white interior offers a blank canvas on which you can create your vision. The biggest of the series, Oyster Pearl tents have a traditional charm. The centre poles provide 6m of height at the apex; these tents create a breath-taking effect with their stunning architectural form.

The Dana Pearl is similarly palatial, with the same graceful veranda around the edge. Classic, beautiful, statuesque. The symmetry and clean lines of The Pearl Tent Collection is reminiscent of the great palaces of the Mughal Dynasty, and indeed there is an air of royalty to these iconic tents; with their luxurious vaulted ceilings, exclusive to the Arabian Tent Company. As architecturally beautiful as they are robust, these structures can accommodate up to 250 guests for a seated wedding reception with a dance floor, reception and bar areas. They are one of the largest structures in the collection. For bigger events, the Lulu and Dana can feature additional add-ons: two different sized extensions can be connected to the sides to create an extra stunning space for a lounge or chillout area.

Furniture to complete the look...

In addition to the tents, we know it's the finishing touches that make people feel extra-special.

Our range of outdoor furniture is vast and can make your wedding utterly unique to you. Most of the items we have are one-offs - either made ourselves or sourced from interesting places to ensure that your event has a feel of unique style rather than a 'manufactured' look that results when event companies source their furniture from the same place. We have a world of Afghan rugs, Moroccan lanterns, gothic bars, rustic scatter cushions, ornate tables, chandeliers, wicker thrones and plenty more.

Lighting plays a crucial part in creating atmosphere and magic. Peruse our tasteful illuminations; from projectors and LED par cans to tree floodlights and festoon. We have that extra dusting of magic for your special day.

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