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At House of Hud, we are incredibly lucky to work with an outstanding team of stylists, both behind the scenes and at our events. One of our longest standing is […]

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At House of Hud, we are incredibly lucky to work with an outstanding team of stylists, both behind the scenes and at our events. One of our longest standing is Jezz, who’s been with the company for over 11 years. He’s been instrumental in the workings of the company and also in our latest win of National Stylist of the Year at The Wedding Industry Awards! We recently sat down with him to pick his brain on all things styling and his inspiration behind some of our favourite themes…

Jezz captured by our talented Crew Member Craig

Jezz captured by our talented Crew Member Craig

When did you start working for Katherine as a stylist?

I join Katherine's team in 2008 as a crew member for The Arabian Tent Company.  The business was small back then and we had a small team to go to jobs and build Kath's tents with their very unique linings.

It was always quite an 'organic' process and we all very quickly began to find our own unique talents and, as time passed, we developed these talents.

I guess my talent was a keen, almost pedantic, eye for detail.  The final 'look' of our product was always something I took very seriously.  From the way our linings and drapes hung, to furniture layout...even to the cushions being adequately plumped and the right way up...I would always spend extra time at the end of the day to ensure all of hard work was presented as beautifully as possible.

This led to Katherine giving me the nickname of her 'Chief fluffer'!

Over the years, the business diversified and we began to offer a venue dressing service, which I now manage for Katherine.


What's the best part about working as a Stylist for House of Hud?

Personally, I am very driven by customer satisfaction.  With Wedding couples particularly, we can spend months planning the decor.  They will brief me as to how they want everything to look and, when they see their vision come to life, it gives me enormous satisfaction to see how happy they are!

There is also something quite magical about creating a beautiful space for such a short period of time!  Months of design, emails, site visits and logistical planning as well as working with other suppliers to create something beautiful for just a few hours, for that one celebration, before we dismantle it all and pack it all away makes it all the more special.

One of Jezz's Christmas Masterpieces

One of Jezz's Christmas Masterpieces

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The inspiration comes from our clients.  It's our job to make it happen!

I genuinley love the process of talking to a client, listening carefully to how they envision their event to look and using our experience and individual talents to bring it to life for them.


How did you become a Stylist?  Were you always into creative arts?

In honesty, I got into this quite by accident!  Before we had a venue dressing branch and were purely a marquee company, we would pretty much shut down in Autumn and reopen in Spring, ready for the summer season.

Some fellow colleagues and I would spend the Winter months working for other events companies.  I learned more about interior, drapery, prop design and so on.  During this time, as we learned more tricks of the trade, my eye for detail became even more focussed and I was able to bring a new skill set back to the House of Hud.

From there, we began to develop our own styling techniques and were able to offer something different to our clients.

I come from a family of creative people and I think I was always looking for a way to channel my own creative energy, but never quite found it...until now!

The HoH Team at The Wedding Industry Awards, Stylist Winners!

The House of Hud Team at The Wedding Industry Awards

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