Our TOP 5 tips on how to start planning your marquee wedding…

Hello 2022!

Congratulations on your engagement and the exciting new chapter that is about to begin for you and your partner. Many people have dreamed of their special day since they were little, and we are here to help make your wedding dreams come true!

Did you know that the average wedding planning process from the engagement to the wedding day takes approximately 12 to 18 months?
While many couples describe planning their special day as a stressful experience that takes up a lot of their time, that doesn’t have to be the case. We know you are busy doing what you do best so we are focussed on ensuring what we deliver for your event is exactly what you need, making the organising, styling and design of your wedding an enjoyable, smooth process! 

What have you thought about the big day so far?

  1. Get clear on your requirements! This often starts with guest numbers, your budget and location!  We have a Venue list you can browse by county here. But: start early to avoid disappointment; a lot of venues and suppliers are fully booked years in advance due to the backlog Covid-19 has caused, however there are often new ones popping up, and the benefit of having a marquee wedding is all you actually need is some land to put the marquee on, so even a cricket pitch, National Trust land or friend or family members garden could provide your ideal wedding location.
  1. Are you planning to host your wedding at home or at a venue? When choosing your venue you should consider the transport for your guests, catering, and accommodation. Make sure you ask what is included in your venue hire fee as your venue will usually make up around 30% of your overall wedding cost so is definitely is a big decision. And of course… Is there space for a marquee?
  1. Consider a Micro wedding! The pandemic has shown many of us that the intimacy of only having our very favourite people around might be all you actually need. Going small and bijou could be a good option to minimise stress, and make planning easier.  Small can be very, very beautiful.  And you’ve always got the option of having a big wedding party later-on.
  1. Think original! It is always be helpful to browse Pinterest and social media to get inspired, however what do YOU really want at your unique celebration?  Make sure you understand your style which often starts with looking around your home to find what reflects your personal taste, and will suit the environment you welcome your friends and family into for your special celebration.  Don’t get too hung up on someone else’s design and forget to personalise. It is YOUR special day; it would be a shame to simply copy someone else’s wedding! 
  1. Visit our showroom, or book in a site visit!  Our showroom in Henfield has a wealth of furniture and fabrics in 7 different tented set-ups for you to browse through and a wealth of images of previous weddings and events we have contributed to in order to inspire you.  It is a lot easier to visualize what your event could look like after you have experienced the tents and seen the layout of your potential venue space. Our showroom is filled with linings, furnishings and even a dance floor and bar!  If you have a good idea about what you need, a site visit will help you think through all the practicalities and details as well as determine what will fit in the space you have available.

When planning your marquee wedding, the first step is usually a chat with our creative director and Founder, Katherine who has been planning parties for over 20 years. With the help of pictures and catalogues, Katherine can help you determine how we can turn your ideas and visions into reality. 

Are you looking for a bold and bright or something classic and contemporary?

Let’s get started!

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Callum Baker | clmbkr.com

Callum Baker | clmbkr.com

Callum Baker | clmbkr.com

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